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  • LTJ88

    4 days ago

    Hey everyone, am on day 17 of a 30 day juice fast, with my longest prior to this being 5 days. Feeling the food cravings and addictions coming up today, so just needed a place to share and get some encouragement.

  • saiyanelite

    5 days ago

    Hello, starting a juice fast. I'm on day one.

  • DenaP

    1 week ago

    Hello everyone! I'm new to juicing. On day 3 :). Today I'm having a lot of cravings but pushing thru

  • Fab

    2 months ago

    Hellllooooo. I've done two successful 30 day guided reboots. One in 2016 and one last year this time (the last time I was posting here). I'm ready for another but I've decided not to pay for the guided. The last time hardly anybody even chimed in so it was not much of a support group. That was very disappointing. There's the coach, of course, but it is not helpful to feel like everyone is dropping out!! So, I'm starting a week from today. That is a good 30 day stretch of time with a good 4 day start without a lot in my calendar so I can go off of caffeine--the hardest part. Does anyone want to join me? Obviously, anyone can, but I'd also love to encourage anyone who is ready and has done it before and feels confident that they will see it through--for however many days they want to jump on: one week, 10 days, etc. Everyone thinks they are going to stay with it, but I'd love some people who have done it before and KNOW they will stick with it. I'm a woman in my 50s and the ol' metabolism has just slowed down so these help get me back in a place where I feel comfortable. This year I tried a "self-acceptance" thing where I was just going to let my weight go where it goes at my age, but I just did not end up feeling comfortable and felt like I thought more about food and weight with the extra pounds on than I did when I was more aware of keeping them off. Peace out and juice on, everyone!

  • vibegirl

    1 month ago

    Hi there...just wanted to offer encouragement as I know what it's like with the whole metabolism/50's issue lol. Fun eh? I'm only a newbie to all of this and my new juicer arrives tomorrow so am gearing up for what I can manage in the beginning. Have juiced in the past with no real 'intent' - but this time I do have intentions to really make some changes. Initially will be gradual and getting to know what my body likes and handles and then some 'reboot' challenges etc. of luck to you!

  • Maddogcupcake

    4 weeks ago

    That's what happened in my group, too. I think only 3-4 of us made it to the end. It was helpful the first time, but I do it on my own now, too! Good luck!

  • BreakingFree

    3 months ago

    I am on day 6 of my juice fast. This is another fast on my journey to loose 100-110 lbs. I started out at 260 (height is 5'7''). Initially I did a water fast and dropped 37 lbs in 17 days. I kept it off, thankfully. Started this fast at 216 and weighed in at 201 yesterday morning! Juice fasting has been such a better experience for me than water fasting; I feel awake, very sharp & overall really good. I am still cooking meals for my son and family at night. Although it is tempting, I just remind myself I want to loose the weight more than I want this food. I am confident I will reach my goal of 160's but hopefully 150's on this fast! Wishing everyone the best on your journeys <3



  • Maddogcupcake

    4 weeks ago

    Hi Danielle - what was your water fasting experience like? Did you stay at home the whole time? I have been reading a book about it that proposes a 7 day water fast because of the healing that happens within your body, but I feel like I would have to take vacation days during that time.

  • balot92

    4 months ago

    on my 3rd day of juicing and I feel good but with the exception of muscle cramps ...

    don't know what it is pls help

  • Maddogcupcake

    4 weeks ago

    I also get muscle cramps almost immediately when I start on juice only. As far as I can tell, cramps are caused by either dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Coconut water will help with an electrolyte imbalance. That did calm my cramps down on my first reboot. If it's dehydration, adding salt to your juices or putting celtic salt in an empty pill capsule and taking it will help. If you don't have enough sodium in your cells, they don't draw the fresh water you are drinking into themselves. So even though I drink a lot of water and tea, I was still dehydrated until I got some salt. I can tell when I'm dehydrated because my skin will be more dry and especially I notice my lips.

  • Greenvision

    4 months ago

    You can make it!

  • David

    4 months ago

    I am on Day 3 of my reboot. 1st Day doing this while working. I juiced this morning, Apples, Spinach, Lemon. I juiced and filled up my Thermos for Lunch. I have to work till 7pm, hope I can make it through the day. I finally decided to do this to beat my Diabetes. Hope I can find some friends online to help support through this.

  • Soose

    4 months ago

    Whoo hoo, Determined and Ready! Glad you're here! You're inspiring me!

    Lilly!! Woot woot, you, too! Now we're juicing! :) People who are here for the long run -- they take breaks now and then. I'm lucky in that when I came a year ago, this group was heavy with inspiring oldtimers who have been around the block and were ahead of me leading the way. I am a lucky person. :)

    Been to the store and bought juicing veg for tomorrow: 15lbs carrots, very nice bunch of beets (3 good sized ones), 3 celery bunches. (Cukes still in the fridge, nice huge hot house euro ones, to use.) That'll make my hubby and me at least 2 16oz juices each when done tomorrow to last til Sunday morning, after we press the pulp as well as juicing. Our standard for now, just getting by with that as it's what we can do for now.

  • Determined&Ready

    4 months ago

    On day 18 of my juice only reboot. Feeling fabulous and going strong. Goal is 60 days...almost 1/3 through. Juice on!!!!!

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