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  • HempEnvy

    1 year ago

    We watched the movie tonight, and my boyfriend is at the store buying the juicer and the ingredients right now! I will miss you, carbs & wine....

    How is everyone else doing?

  • jessemct

    3 years ago

    Hello Colorado rebooters! Today is day #1 for me! Already tough! Made my kiddos bagels this morning and took everything I had not to lick the cream cheese haha! Hope everyone is doing well!

  • Mary

    3 years ago

    Hi Jessemct, there doesn't seem to be too many people active in this group. Let me know if you found a more active group to join, and I will join it, too. I'm just getting back into juicing.

  • Mary

    3 years ago

    Hi Colorado rebooters, where are you? You don't have to be actively juicing to keep posting and giving each other support. I recently moved back to northern Colorado (grew up here) and would love to be in touch with nearby juicers and smoothiests. I did a guided reboot about a year ago, successfully for 60 days (!), but fell back into my old ways during and after my big move. I thought the Colorado space and sunshine would inspire me to become active and healthy, but I actually became quite depressed by the difficulty of the move and the loss of familiar friends and activities. After losing my dog I stopped walking completely, and now the winter cold is my excuse. My weight has crept back over 200, and I REALLY don't want to go back to that unhealthy place in the mid-200s where I spent most of my adult life. So let me know if you're still out there. Otherwise I'll find a different group to join but I thought I would start with this one. Take care, Mary.

  • Deeelia

    3 years ago

    Hi Mary!

    The winter cold is really affecting me too. We have lived in CO for about 9 and half years and this is the first Winter that has really affected me. I can't wait for warmth and all the snow to melt. I want to get out there and move but cold and wind drives me back inside.

    I have not done a reboot yet. My husband and I have juiced one to two meals a day in the past. We are shaving our heads and raising money for childhood cancer in March and I want to juice again because it makes my skin look so much healthier and with no hair to hide behind, my face is going to need all the help it can get. ;-)

    We would also like to lose weight and get healthier. We are hoping to start getting serious with juicing again in February.

    Best of luck with your reboot! Are there any juices that you loved and that helped you the most the last time you did it?

    - Delia

  • Echoearth

    3 years ago

    hello! Nice to see a CO group.

    Starting a 7 day juice cleanse tomorrow as a pre-Thanksgiving reflection period.

    Hosting it this year and have started narrowing down the list of healthy side dishes and of course a nice fresh cranberry - apple juice w/ a dash of cinnamon.

    Anyone actively juicing now?

  • RebootDad

    3 years ago

    Colorado Rebooters. I am on day 8 and wondering if anyone in this group is still actively juicing? I live in Centennial and on my second 30 day reboot.

  • Tracey K.

    3 years ago

    Gooood morning from Wheat Ridge! Today is day 8 for me, and I'm feeling pretty good. The weekend was rough, but lesson learned...stay out of the mall when you're hungry! The smells were overwhelming, and I found myself getting really irritated with, well, just about everything. I've been losing steadily at about 1 lb per day until this morning. The scale says I've actually gained a pound, but I'm determined not to get discouraged. GHope everyone has an awesome Monday!

  • Kathy

    3 years ago

    Hi! I'm from Pueblo, excited to find this group. I just started today and I know I will need support to do this. Looking forward to getting thinner, healthier, and making like minded friends. Oh, day 1 was okay for breakfast and lunch, the juice drinks were yummy, but had a salad for dinner. I guess I will be easing into this. How do you get through the first 3-4 days?

  • Tracey K.

    3 years ago

    Hi Kathy, how's your reboot going?

  • danny42

    3 years ago

    Hello! from Pueblo! I am short, fat and falling apart! I do have hope. I also have about 35 pounds to lose. Pre-diabetes, one point away so the Doc said. So I can have 68g of carb per meal. Diabetes lady said no fruit juice at all because it is all sugar. I have ADD so I have a hard time .....look a rabbit! I also have a low level of P.K.U (little protein allowed)look it up it is crazy, So diabetes will be a huge deal if I got it. I hope everyone is doing great and do not give up!

  • mrebaza

    3 years ago

    Well tomorrow I will begin this journey of juicing. I will see how it goes and how long I last the first time. I am interested in trying to make this work.

  • Rassilon

    4 years ago

    Hi ... I'm in day 2 of a reboot and kinda winging my own recipes based upon ones I've read online. I am also giving up coffee too so today was a bit difficult ... whew! My question for you all is, How do you handle lunch at work? Do you make extra in the morning and take it along in a thermos? How long is it good for? Thanks for the replies ... :-)

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