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  • christy.n.collins.5

    2 years ago

    I am from Australia. But I live in America. I am going to jucie for 30 days. On day two. I feeling great and slept great last stomach looking smaller. I glad be in reboot group.

  • Maree

    3 years ago

    G'Day from Perth :)

    I only need to lose about 7kg, so I am doing this more for various health issues.

    Day 1 (again). 5 pm comes around & that's when I fall off the band-wagon. Done this for the past 3 days.

    Never mind. Today is a new day with a fresh juice start :)

  • wittsend

    3 years ago

    i plan to do a seven day reboot im in nsw mid north coast

  • Chantelle125

    3 years ago

    Hello I'm 30 years old an have been over weight for the last 10 I weigh 125kgs and am doing joes juice diet for 60 was my first full juice day I know it's going to be hard but I'm not doing this for me....I'm doing it for my two kids that have always had an unfit lazy mother and deserve a fit health one

    The reason I know I can do this is because I won't see my kids for 60 days it's already been 30 since the last time I was with them as there living with there father in a different state.

    They r booked to come over on the 16th March and I'm talking them to all the theme parks

    (Last time We went I literally couldn't fit on any rides)

    The happiness this will bring my kids from me doing this is worth any pain & sickness or what ever else doing this throws at me

    There little faces are tattooed in my mind so I will not give in to temptation (my worst when on diets has always been alcohol) in saying that I'm giving that up 100% also

    I can do this am looking forward to keeping u all up to date with my crazy long ass journey

  • tezza

    3 years ago

    Gidday all, Tezza here from the beautiful Bribie Island , just started juicing 6 days ago, wow alls good with the world as I have realized ultimate power over Sugar, my nemesis, so I started at 65 kg, by day 3 I was down to 63 and today , day 6 I am 62 , so I'm very glad to have finally found the right recipe for me to keep a handle on those love handles.

  • dovespirit

    3 years ago

    I weighed in today and have lost 5kg in 7 days or 11.1 pounds. Am experiencing a number of muscle aches and nerve pain in areas of previous injury, but am taking this as a good sign that the healing process has begun.

  • dovespirit

    3 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    I am from Melbourne and am just joined the site. I am currently on day 5 of my juice fast having started on 3 August. I had some headaches the first few days but they stopped on day 4. My hunger has now disappeared and I am starting to get into a routine. I have fasted before however, not juice fasting and lasted up to 14 days, so I am trying to not feel too secure that I can go further than that. I am aiming for a 28 day fast to start with ( I want to celebrate my sons birthday with him) and then I want to return to another juice fast within a week and go 32 days so I can have done the 60 days in two stages.

  • Liquidmemory

    3 years ago

    how's your juicing going ? I'm from Melbourne love to catch up for a juice

  • Liquidmemory

    3 years ago

    How long are you having between reboots ?

  • Franka

    3 years ago

    Thank you, Its a huge effort and necessary. its true to reboot for a better word I need a transition time to cleanse out all ad history, We are going to do this ,I achieved, 6 day, 3 day, 11 day mmmmmm

    Congrats on day 5 , excellent .

  • Liquidmemory

    3 years ago

    Hey Franka I'm from Australia Melbourne.

    I'm on day 5 of a 7 day juice only.

    Thinking of continuing if I'm going well.

    Happy to try & join you here.

    Sounds like a huge effort if you pull the 7 off mate

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