Me, Myself and I (and you) It's about putting your needs first. And your health and happiness should be first.

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  • Dani15

    3 years ago


    I love the idea of this group, I'm a mother of two young children and my life revolves around them and their needs (totally cool), but I just needed to start carving out so things that were for me and also help improve my health and wellbeing so I can be good for them and not some sleep deprived crazy lady. And the little ones awake. Keep Rocking it!

  • Caria

    3 years ago

    Hi! I think this group is a great idea. I was just talking to another friend of mine about how to make sure I (we) take time out for ourselves. She gave me some advice I thought I would share: First, write down ten (at least) things you love doing, things which truly fill your 'bucket', and make you feel happy. Then take time out everyday to do one of those things!

    What did you do today to put yourself first?

    Me - I signed up for Reboot with Joe communities, joined a couple, and reached out to build a network.

    P.S. My butt sweats too much too!

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    So now that I am done with the juices. I am struggling with motivation. The damn brain keeps thinking about food. FOOD FOOD FOOD. stupid brain. So today I am going to write all the reasons why I want to lose weight. Personal to me. I am going to write it on a piece of paper and each time I want to cave I will pull it out as a reminder.

    1. You can't walk 1-2 blocks without extreme pain.

    2. You hate how people treat you - especially during your daily commute to and from work.

    3. you fat girl - like really really fat! And you can't stand looking at yourself.

    4. Whenever you eat or cheat or binge - you hate yourself for it immediately and for the next few days you beat yourself up about it.

    5. Spring and summer is coming up and it would be nice to fit in the clothes you have.

    6. Clothing. It would be nice to fit in them and look good in them. It would be nice to pay lower prices and have a great selection.

    7. Your butt sweats too much.

    8. you can't fit in a lot of seats in public - so SO SO embarrassing.

    9. It would be nice to have a life again - to go out without being self conscious. To have people wanting to be near you. To be seen. Not some big blob people stay away from and only notice you when they have unkind things to say to you. it would be nice to exist.

    10. Sleeping and breathing better sure would be nice.

    11. You miss swimming and biking and being active. You miss living.

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Green juice: green lemonade.

    Yellow juice: Pine-Lime-Lemon Juice.

    Both recipes are in the recipes section of this site. So looking forward to drinking this one. Smells divine!

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Day 2 - Juice only.

    Orange juice: Adios Coffee! Bazinga is this juice tart! But that's my fault. I didn't peel the orange or lemon. And used less green tea. Oh, and I forgot the honey.

    Recipe: 2 med apples. 4 med carrots. Green Tes 16 fl oz. 2 tsp honey. 1/2 lemon. 2 oranges, peeled.

    Make green tea separate from juice. Do not steep for too long or it will taste bitter (oops! did this too!). Add honey to tea. Make juice, add tea (when cold). Enjoy!

  • Jasmine

    3 years ago

    Hi there, do you want company. I would like to prioritise myself and stay commited to me. I can create my own group or join yours - don't mind. Well done!

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Day 1: January 25, 2016.

    Yes. I've reset my timer! I've done 1 week of a modified reboot. I am now starting my 100 day juice only reboot goal. End Goal Date: May 3rd.

    Today's juices:

    Green juices: Green lemonade.

    Red juice: 2 beets, 1 pear (substitute for 2-3 plums), 3 apples (called for 4, but I was out), 2 very large handfulls of spinach.

    Dessert juice: not too sure. Need to go grocery shopping.

    Now that I am juicing, today I find I am craving food. Funny how that goes.... It's a mental thing - I'm sure of it.

    I want to cave in. I can't cave in. Have looked at clothing on-line as inspiration. Picturing myself smaller and able to purchase some nice clothing in sizes med/large.

    So cold! Can't seem to get warm today. On the upside, my joints and old injuries aren't hurting as much today. Not sure if it's after a relaxing weekend or modified reboot. We'll see by end of the week.

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Breakfast: smoothie: coconut milk and coconut water, ice, spinach, 1/2 banana, cucumber, tsp honey.

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Breakfast: green smoothie.

    Snack: had no time at work for the juice.

    Lunch: Butternut squash soup.

  • Katyast

    3 years ago

    Dinner: 1 cup sauteed spinach with garlic. 2 cups green detox soup - slightly modified with the addition of chives. 1 small piece of salmon.

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