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  • Tilly

    4 years ago

    Hi All, blended a soup this lunch time which as a bit of a "Disaster" : cabbage, carrot and celery. It was watery and bland. Half way through lunch I could not stomach it anymore so grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and re-blended so as not to waste ingredients and get some lunch. Lunch then turned in to a Smoothie. Weired or What! Wondering now if a sweet potato would have kept it to a soup. Does any one have a nice soup recipe?

  • DriZz

    4 years ago

    Thank you for creating this group!!

  • Mind over Platter

    4 years ago

    Fennel Parsnip Pear Delight

    1 large parsnip

    1 large pear

    1/2 bulb of fennel

    1 lime

    Licorice lovers will love this.....it is absolutely delicious! It's a nice change from the green , red, and orange juices

  • Eeyore

    4 years ago

    NATURAL ELECTROLYTE SODIUM SHOT (from Jason Vale's SuperJuiceMe Program)

    1/4 medium Cucumber

    1 stalk Celery

    Juice all and knock back.

    Full of sodium and potassium, good for replacing lost salts due to exercise. Also a good anti-inflammatory blend.

  • katiejay

    4 years ago

    Pineapple Ginger Shot

    - 5 pounds sweet apples

    - 1 pound fresh peeled ginger

    - 2 pineapples (without the top or prickles)...my addition since they were too ripe.

    Once juiced and mixed in a large container, I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. Once solid, they all go into a large container in the freezer. I take out two each morning, and once they're thawed...it's down the hatch.

    To make one serving, I'd guess you'd use 1 apple to 1 thumb of ginger and skip the pineapple. This recipe was borrowed from Jason Vale and my friend Eeyore.

    Ginger is a natural blood thinner and I no longer take my 1-a-day aspirin...which is okay with my doctor.

  • Tilly

    4 years ago

    Tried Pineapple and Ginger, it was delicious. Thank you.

  • katiejay

    4 years ago

    Apple Lemonade

    - 1 Royal Gala or other sweet apple

    - 1 lemon

    My brother made this at my birthday celebration last year as the appetizer. He served it over crushed ice.

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