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  • MargeC

    1 month ago

    How much can I expect to loose in a 15 day reboot? How about a 30 day?

  • Buckmaster

    1 month ago

    Weight loss is related to many factors.

    Starting weight vs. ideal weight

    Juicing diligence and adherence to proven recipes

    Personal factors like age, activity level, general health, and more

    Given all the variables, I can only say that for me a 15 day juice-only reboot should result in a 15 to 20 pound loss. a 30 day juice fast should net about a 30 to 35 pound loss....for me.

  • Buckmaster

    1 month ago

    On to day 2....I felt very good this morning...enjoying that black coffee like always.

    Let's do this!

  • Buckmaster

    1 month ago

    Good afternoon juicers!

    I'm back for another reboot....just because it works so well for me. I lost a ton of weight in 2018 during a total of 117 days of juice only rebooting ( I juiced for varying periods of time throughout the year). Today It seems that my body has chosen a weight range about 15 to 20 pounds higher than I want it to be. So I'm rebooting now to get down to my target weight with enough room to rebound back to what I think should be my average weight.

    This is day 1 of 15.....

    BTW....GOOD LUCK to all you juicers! I am living proof that it can be done no matter what your daily life may bring!

  • Greenvision

    1 month ago

    Hello juicers and micronutrient-lovers! Although I bought my first juicer over 15 years ago, I haven't juiced in over a year, and I've never done a Reboot, so I'm a beginner all over again, and I'm challenging myself to juice for 30 days--not a Reboot, not yet--but at least one juice per day for me and my two kids. Today is day #2. I will have Mean Green, and my kids are requesting apple, orange, carrot, lemon, celery and a small quantity of kale. I'm hoping to increase the vegetable content in their juice over time. :-) Have a great day, everyone!

    "Life needs our full energy" -SARK

  • Buckmaster

    1 month ago

    Enjoy your micronutrients. I believe they are the most powerful health food on the planet!

  • MargeC

    1 month ago

    Hi there. My husband and I are starting a reboot tomorrow. We are new to juicing. We have a juicer. We have Joe's first book. And we have the produce. We're ready to go. We are doing this to clean house and shock our body into weight loss. I have epstein barr, so if anyone here has that please give me any advice you have. Really excited and nervous!

  • Soose

    1 month ago

    Welcome Jojo and KBern! So glad to see newbies!

    What are you juicing today?

    I am not juice fasting only right now. But I rebooted all of last year along with my family (dh and ds). And sticking here on these reboot groups keeps me focused on my health. I will go for a juice fast again when it's right for me.

    For now, we eat plant-based and juicing is a lot of my focus daily. High priority. Still have some healing to do. And honestly, after I reached my first year's weight loss goal (which was where I was when I got married 40 yrs ago).. with that reboot, I came to realize that all the health guru's I see photos of are not unhealthily thin, but that I might just need to pay attention to the BMI type charts; that getting further down the scale might not be IMpossible. We Americans are used to fatter people, I have decided. So someone who is healthy can look unhealthily thin to me. Who knew? I am changing my ideas...

    So there's more of the journey for me in the future. But for now, I am looking for stable weight and good health.

    Got plenty of juice in the fridge for now. A great feeling! Be well and juice on!!

    p.s. Another active group is Happy Juicing 2019. Check it out, too.

  • Jojo725*

    1 month ago

    Hi everyone, im new to the group. I recieved my juicer in the mail last week and have been using it, but tomorrow morning starts my 100% juice fast. I know the first 3 to 4 days are the hardest, and am hoping to get some support here. Im a plant based vegan and have been for over a year, but im dealing with complications from my diabetes that need healing. Ive been a type 1 diabetic for 27 years and was diagnosed with celiac 9 years ago. I have a lot of neuropathy in my feet and legs etc and need a severe healing period. Hope i can do this.

  • KBern

    1 month ago

    Hi all, I am new and excited to jump on board with you guys. I started today, yay for new direction!!

  • Soose

    1 month ago

    I meant to post yesterday about my juicing but I got out of here and was too busy.

    I got up really early and did a smaller normal batch of carrot juice -- 5 lbs carrots, 2 large beets, one large cucumber, and one bunch of celery. I guess I got about or over 2 quarts from that? Then, I did press the pulp and ended up with a total of 3 overfull quarts (mason jars) and 10 oz which I drank immediately.

    Still got some of that in the fridge but today I need to juice more. I splurged and indulged myself and bought a mini watermelon that looked nice -- it's off season here and pricey, about 7" diameter and was $4. Usually I can buy whole huge watermelons even the seedless price for that or less in season. Anyway, I am going to put the rind into a green bean and beet green base juice. Maybe a Green Lemonade.

    I also need to grind and press my ginger root so I can make some gingerale with soda water. I don't like ginger in green juice that much.

    And I still have 10 more lbs of carrots with accompanying veg for more of that same basic juice. But that's all way too much for me to do in one day.

    I'm not going to be available in my schedule to juice myself tomorrow or maybe for awhile. But I will have helpers to take over occasionally when I can't. We will keep the juice flowing!

    Be well and juice on!

    Good luck with those starting their reboots this week! :) Don't stop until your miracle happens!

  • Jyoti

    1 month ago

    i wanted to share with everyone. for the mean green, Kale isnt available in India, and whatever limited stocks are imported, its very very expensive. so this is how i am making my green juice

    1. spinach

    2. celery (still expensive in India, but can be sourced)

    3. broccoli/gourd

    4. cucumber

    5. Apple

    6. adding mint leaves, ginger and lemon for flavour

    I also make a beetroot +carrot+ one cucumber juice.

  • Soose

    1 month ago

    Yummy! We mostly make a carrot/beet orange type juice, and then a green one, too. Occasionally citrus and I did score and stock up on some of that while it was more in season recently and cheap -- need to get to work using more, it's stored in the cold garage and doing fine.

    I think SunnyRain uses mostly Spinach where she is (Europe?), too, I remember she said other stuff wasn't available. Maybe I confused her with someone else. We use a lot of spinach in smoothies, too.

    Can you get some other asian veg to try as well? Seems we get bokchoy and it's similar to celery; I've juiced that. I see these diff roots and such in the asian stores that have produce but I don't know what they all are, unless like bokchoy it's been popularized in restaurants to begin with and then moved mainstream into grocery stores.

    Leslie uses whole fennel sometimes. (And a lot of other stuff, she has an awesome garden, too!)

    I'm going to use a lot of beet greens from bunches of red beets in my green juice although I also bought kale. Beet greens -- because I put the beets in the carrot juice. How about watermelons and other melons? The rinds have a lot of green and we use them in season here as much as we can. (I cut out most of the middle fruit and use mostly rind.) It's a cost savings method when THREE of us are drinking juices in the family.

    Maybe in the long run you could look at some type of inside green-producing garden. I have a friend who has a "tower garden" - it's hydroponic, and there are ideas for do it yourself versions online. Also, people grow whole big trays of wheat grass.

  • Jyoti

    1 month ago

    Hi Soose,

    Spinach works well for me here. here are few other things i have tried juicing:

    - Zuccini (on days when cucumber is not there)

    -Parsely and coriander leaves can be used to give some flavour to the green juice.

    Also, if you are drinking fresh, adding lemon will really add taste to the juice

    In the longer run, you are absolutely right, i do want to construct a garden for my home. lets see how well that turns out and how soon :)

    I also do fennel water or Cumin water in the mornings and/or night. It helps with the bloating and further helps cooling down the digestive system. you can mix half spoon of each and soak them overnight. heat in the morning and sip in the morning or before going to bed like warm tea.

    Today is Day 2. I am so far on track, brought my juice to work in glass bottles. i am constantly afraid of screwing it up, giving into temptations is the easiest thing to do for me. its very easy to be listening to the negative voice in the head thats just seeking an opportunity to sabotage my efforts. but i read something very profound yesterday and i thot i 'd share here.

    "DONT JUST CONTROL YOUR INTENTIONS, CONTROL THE OUTCOMES. AND TO DO THAT, YOU NEED TO RESPECT YOUR EFFORTS". i am trying to read such things as mantras so that i do not give in this time. I also recorded an motivating video for myself where i was just ranting about why i am doing all of this. I play it every morning and evening, sort of reminding myself of the bigger picture (kind of like affirmations).

    All the best to everyone. Have a great day :)

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