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  • Ragu4118

    2 weeks ago

    day 1.

    miss coffee already.

    really hungry right now. HANGRY

    this is hard.

    i'm at work and i have snacks nearby....do not eat the snacks!!!!

    god help me.

    help guys!!!

  • SunnyRain

    2 weeks ago

    Ragu4118 - are you drinking enough juice? You should not feel hungry if you drink 1 gallon (3-4 litres) of juice per day. If you truly feel hungry, then you should drink more.

    Day 1-3 are usually challenging because you want to eat - but it's not hunger, it's just your mind playing with you because of the emotional attachement to food. Stay strong. Drink the juice. It gets better on Day 4. You won't feel like that forever. It's only temporary and you will be so proud after you go through it.

  • Nicholas

    1 week ago

    I start day 1 of my first Reboot Monday. Go for it! Lets keep each honest!

  • Ceasha

    2 weeks ago

    I am on day 8 and today was a little hard. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and volunteer and this was a long week. I wanted some coffee really bad. I didn't make any coffee though and I am going to stay strong.

  • Anita

    2 weeks ago

    HI All I just saw this group. I will start a 4 day fast next week. I need this. With my schedule and life at the moment I think doing 4 or 5 days fasts more often may work as I travel alot Any one have any thoughts on that?

  • julissa

    3 weeks ago

    Hi i'm planning to start my reboot next week on Monday, i plan to do a small fast around 10 days. I really need motivation, i been starting my weight loss journey probably for the last 5 yrs without success i just saw Joe's story and it really motivate me to do what's best for my health. I really love all the resources that you can find in this website and how supportive members are. I'm looking forward to start this new chapter in my life. Feel free to leave any tips that could help me

  • JesBcas

    3 weeks ago

    Good luck julissa! it will be worth it. My tip is to make at least one days worth of juice the night before, then you will have it ready for you in the morning to start your day. I also don't get bogged down with recipies, I just put stuff together that I like, but everyone is different, so do what is easiest for you so you will stick with it.

  • elzand

    3 weeks ago

    Does anyone know how I can find a juicing buddy? Someone to email with and text with and set a goal with? I keep trying to start a 30 day juice fast and lose my motivation.

  • Ragu4118

    2 weeks ago

    i love this idea. buddy system! i'm up for that. :)

  • aerofan

    3 weeks ago

    I started yesterday. I would like to reboot for as long as possible. I'm in CA.

  • rose1958

    3 weeks ago

    Joined the group, Made a plan, have a support buddy, Sarting The week before reboot tomorrow. Let the journey begin.

  • Nana2

    3 weeks ago

    Hello:) I have joined the five day challenge Yippee!!! Now, where do i find the recipes, shopping lists, etc.? Thank you for the help

  • Ceasha

    3 weeks ago

    I have been facing a lot of minor health problems like heartburn with everything I eat and back pain. I'm too young to have all these issues so I decided I am going to do a 60-day reboot. Today is day one and it wasn't so bad because food just doesn't appeal to me as much because I know once I'm done eating it I will more than likely have heartburn after. I did see some graham crackers and almost forgot I was doing a reboot. I just have to keep in mind why I'm doing it. My family has a history of high blood pressure and diabetes and I don't want either so I need to start taking better care of myself so I'm starting my new year's resolution to be healthy now rather than in January. I know I will feel better about myself and have the energy I need to do all the running around between a full-time job, full-time school, and volunteering. I'm excited about the end result I just need to stay excited about the journey. I know some days are going to be hard but I know if I keep my eye on the prize I will be able to accomplish what I set out to.

  • WorldWide

    3 weeks ago

    Hi Ceasha, I had similar symptoms a lot of it is diet and lifestyle related. take a look at my earlier post with tips. I'm on day 56 now. Congrats for starting and taking charge of your health!

  • Margaret

    2 weeks ago

    All best wishes for your juicing journey Ceasha. I am on day four and feel pretty committed but this is not the first time i have tried this. It is, however, the first time i have committed to participating fully in keeping in touch with others through an online system so am much more hopeful i will stick to it this time. I hugely admire your work, family, school, volunteering commitment. All best wishes. M

  • DylanMattina

    3 weeks ago

    Newbie on day 5 and really LOVING JUICING!

    I'm replacing one meal a day with a fresh juice with veggies and fruit until the 25th when I am going to start the 5-day challenge.

    I was so inspired by Joe's video that my girlfriend showed me a few days ago I went straight at it.

    I wish I had found Joe 3 years ago when my obesity (455 pounds) became a life or death situation. I elected to have Gastric Bypass surgery and it has done wonders but juicing is a HUGE piece of the healthy living / weight loss puzzle for me now.

    The past year has seen some very difficult times for me in many ways but mostly health-wise. The one good thing has been my decision to get healthy and to lose weight. I weighed in at a Doctors appointment today and to me surprise I weigh 269 pounds!!! That is the lowest I have been in over THIRTY YEARS!!!

    I want to get to 245 pounds as I am 6'6" tall. I also started walking more and going to LA Fitness working out with the guidance of a certified trainer. I am LOVING LIFE once again and juicing has me inspired to go further, do more, and make it happen!!!

    Dylan Mattina

    New member in Southern California, USA!

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