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  • Noreen

    2 years ago

    Hi, I'm getting started tomorrow on juicing to get my health back. Looking to go 60 days on a juice fast. any words of wisdom?

  • Southwest77

    2 years ago

    Hi! I would like to join ya'll! I"m on Day 3. Tough go yesterday, but feeling a bit better today. Nice to be around folks who are serious about their health :-) inspiring!

  • Christopher

    2 years ago

    Hear days 3 or 4 are the worst. Glad you are sticking with it!

  • rivetingrose

    2 years ago

    Day 14/14 of my diet preparation. Tomorrow I begin my all-juice fast for 14 days.


    Bloating due to menstruation is slowly going away. I had one full meal today because I was starving. I had bananas at night. The rest of the day was water and juice.

    I started replacing 1-2 meals since Aug 5. Then I slowly transitioned to replacing 2 meals with juice. That lasted for 2 weeks because I didn't want to shock my system. Tomorrow I'm transitioning to all juice and water for two weeks as I feel my body is used to juice already.


    I used to have early-morning cramps and now they're gone. I also had chest pains when I coughed and they're gone as well. Skin's glowing and dark spots are starting to clear. I generally feel lighter and have more energy. I don't get sleepy in the afternoon anymore.


    I walk everyday for 15-20 minutes, and plan to increase walking to 45 minutes daily for 2 weeks.


    August 5 weight: 150

    August 20 weight: 140

    Weight goal: 127 (target date: Sept 2)

    Age: 36, female, mom.


    2 years ago

    How do I know if I'm in the right group?

  • Shorty

    2 years ago

    I am on day 2 of 10. I am going to commit to 10 days and go from there. I feel that 30 days is to big of a goal for me to see it through. So I will take it day by day and on day 10 decide if I want to go another 10. I am a disabled vet that has numerous ailments from the burn pits and air quality in Afghanistan.I am starting at 165lbs and my goal is 130-135 lbs. with hopes I can get off my blood pressure meds.


  • Chrome Diva Teresa

    2 years ago

    Juicer ordered....check. Books on juicing by Joe ordered...check. Now... I wait.

  • rivetingrose

    2 years ago

    Day 3 today. I had a bowl of mixed fruits then corns in addition to my mean green juice. I have my menstruation today so I feel kinda bloated. I lost 3 lbs so far. Not craving for food anymore. Hope I maintain this for the next 15 days.

  • Tami1971

    2 years ago

    I find my energy is depleated and I am exhausted today - I did fall off the plant based wagon this weekend but I am right back on today

  • Torio333

    2 years ago

    Hey guys! I'm excited to juice! I'm starting tomorrow for the second try and I really want to stick to it this time! Hope you guys can help keep me in check :)

  • Cheryl

    2 years ago

    Starting day 2 :) Yesterday was good. Was a bit hungry when I went to bed ....kept pushing through. Hope everyone has a great Sunday

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