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  • Soose

    1 hour ago

    Hi, everyone! Good morning. I got up and started juicing immediately. I needed to prove for myself that I am up to the challenge on my stamina, because my husband has to go back home/to work for the next 10 days, and my son (grown) is here but not juicing right now. So it's " all on me!"

    I juiced half a watermelon, beet greens, cukes, pears so far, and am on my way to clean out the fridge of anything else juiceable, because i want to hit a store that has organic beets on sale, and stock up.

    I surprisingly didn't take off any weight during my first week here, though I thought I was doing satisfactorily with food. (Oats/nuts for b'fast, sometimes juice/ smoothie; ETL salad most days; some days beans, some days veg soup. Fruit very occasionally. Tofu once. Nothing egregious. Doing my 10 miles recumbent biking daily and increasing my speed there. ) Not sure if this is still part of recovery from the health challenge I had this last winter.

    I suspect my metabolism is not yet where it needs to be. So I am upping my juice intake and being careful; have cut out the oats in the morning. Adding chia seeds to juice instead of the minimal nuts. Will see if I also need to cut out the soup/salad. For today, I'll do mostly broth if needed. If I need to, I will later start in on intermittent fasting as well.

    Be well, and juice on!

  • Toni

    3 hours ago

    Hi Everyone,

    Day Three for me today and I decided not to weigh myself yet again. I do feel like I've lost a bit of weight so I'm happy with that for now. I had a relatively good sleep last night and have managed to keep myself busy today, so I'm having a much better day than yesterday..

    Hope everyone else is doing well and staying positive.

  • Buckmaster

    20 hours ago

    Hi Soose and everyone here at the beginning. Although technically a veteran juicer today is day 1 of a modified reboot for me.

    I weigh in every morning before my coffee. The goal is 170 lbs. with a rebound weight of 175 to 176. I will do my first weigh in tomorrow morning because I am starting with a dinner juice after having a big salad for lunch today.

    Soose, I hope your vacation is delivering the boost that vacations provide. I am glad that all is well with you and the family!

    Stay juicy everyone!

  • Toni

    23 hours ago

    Hi Fellow Juicers,

    Hope you're all doing well and seeing some results!

    I'm on day two and don't feel like I've lost any weight yet, so decided not to weigh myself in case it knocked my willpower. I've also ended up with a headache.

    Today I've had: Carrot Apple Juice, Red Captain Melon, Just Beet and 2 of Joe's Mean Green Juices. I've also had plenty of Water, a Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger in Hot Water, Veg Broth, and Coconut Water.

    I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

  • Soose

    1 day ago

    Yo, Juice Challengers! Glad to see ya'll here. I rebooted most of last year with my family, then had to take a break due to life's challenges, have lost some ground meanwhile, but am back. Modified juice fast for now. Carrot juice for b'fast. There's one more for my dh but then, we'll be out of juice. (Other than cold-pressurized from the store.) I do have a watermelon and loads of cukes, some celery, pears/apples/kiwi/lemon, greens, all waiting in the wings.

    First, I'm heading off to do my biking.

  • Seamoss

    2 days ago

    Hi Toni,

    I did my first thyroid reboot in the spring. Starting a new 60 day Reboot. Currently I’m 2 weeks in and have lost about 4 lbs. I’m 5’4” and 180 lbs. I exercise a lot so I have good muscle mass but I still think I need to lose about 40 lbs. I’m still eating small amounts of food but I’m about to start juicing on Wed.

    I wish you luck on your juice fast.

  • Toni

    1 day ago

    Hi Seamoss,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Wow, A 60 day reboot. that's impressive. I think I'd struggle if I was eating and juicing., so Good Luck for Wednesday. I found just reading people's posts last time I juiced gave me the encouragement to carry on. I decided to post my own progress this time in the hope that it may keep someone else in a positive mindset. It'll also make me feel more accountable.

    Today my juices were: Sunburst, Taj Mahal, Cool mint, and 2 mean greens. I was hoping that if I drank enough water it'd get rid of the hunger pangs, which are bearable. I'm not experiencing the headaches I had last time when I just wanted to stay in bed for the first 3/4 days. I've managed to keep myself busy today and taken the dogs for extra long walks while my partner eats his meals.

    Only another hour and half until bedtime. day one almost complete.

  • Toni

    4 days ago

    Hi Folks,

    I'm starting a reboot on Sunday and hope to do a minimum of 10 days. I'd love to join this group to give and receive some motivation.

    I'm 5 ft 4 and weigh 148 lbs. Would love to lose 14 lbs

    Roll on Sunday

  • RyanHerter

    1 week ago

    Hello Everyone first day today, one big glass in the morning (3 guava 1 giant carrot)6 hours later second big glass (3 cukes 1 giant carrot 1 guava and 1 lime) third cup I make for tonight (1/2 raw pumpkin, it's green juice) The glasses i use are 22oz. the easiest way to do this is to keep your mind occupied on other stuff after the first few days its easier. This day was a super easy, next I'm expecting to be easier yet.

    I am presently 113.5 kg

    Very excited to be juicing again!!

    Last time I dropped about 30 pounds in 26 days, this time I'm shooting for the stars.


    By the way what's with tekucacoinmai like talk about advertising on a forum

  • Soose

    2 hours ago

    Hi, RyanHerter! WTG on your juice fast start! Sounds like you are a pro at knowing how to start off.

    Spam: I have been watching again since Jan 2018. Spam like you see advertising rarely gets down to the forum level like that post you see. The forum site is pretty unmonitored -- Joe moved to Facebook it seems -- and if you were to watch the "Recent Activity" page for these forums, you'd see a lot more of it. Mostly, the spammers come in, create an I.D., and post on that new I.D.'s wall -- easier for them, I guess. Sometimes on a discussion up at that level. Mostly they leave our groups alone.

    I was surprised when I came back to see that here in this group. I flag them as inappropriate. (But you have to be careful doing that as on some monitors the word inappropriate merges over under the Like button, and good members have gotten deleted in a sweep of spammers before by mistake.) HTH.

  • Soose

    1 week ago

    Hi, y'all! I am back and will be starting again on a reboot next Sunday. I have lost some of the ground I gained last year during our reboot, due to a medical condition. Unavoidable. But I'm going to be putting all into regaining that ground. My family will be joining me, each of us at our own level. We are taking some days off and changing our venue, so it should be a lot easier to focus on juicing and only very healthy foods -- last year we started with a modified juice fast that included ETL style salads and soup broth. I expect we'll start the same way this year. It's a lot of juice to produce 4 three people but we are not new to the rodeo so to speak.

    Who else is around in this group now? I'm only on my cell phone for now, so a joint hello to those I haven't met!

  • Kimba

    1 week ago

    Is it too late to join?

  • Soose

    2 hours ago

    Never too late here, Kimba!

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