March 2015 30 Day Juice Fast

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  • Paige4

    4 years ago

    I joined another group before joining this one. I started 3/1/15 and am down officially 8.2 lbs. At this point I've worked out the kinks. I drink 3 to 4 juices a day at 500 ml's each (pint +). I also drink 3 to 4 lemon/ waters per day same volume. In emergencies or when I just want something different, I drink a Low Sodium V8 with lemon juice and a couple dashes of franks red hot, Mmm...

    I am blogging about my journey as well:

  • julissa

    4 years ago

    Hi guys I'm on my 9th day started a little early as practice and its a good thing i did i was so super close to stopping but my family notice me being more energetic so i continued i can say that i feel great but its hard to go buy my boyfriend food and i can't eat his so lucky..

    everything is so tempting, i try eating fruits and veggies but my mind says no.. i do really hope that i could make it all i think about everyday is ( what should i eat when i am done juicing) i can't even concentrate at my job HELP what should i do?????

  • Slmccarty

    4 years ago

    I am ready to give up. I have had a weird headache. Very tired. And getting cranky. Non of witch is what I wanted to get out of this. One bonus. 4 lbs in 2 days. But I feel awful. Help!!!!!?????

  • jjsedmak

    4 years ago

    Day 3 and 4 are the hardest ~ you can do it! Are you drinking enough water? Are you having some coconut water? Are you drinking a little vegetable broth and herbal teas? All these things will help. You are describing exactly how I feel when I am not drinking enough water or have not given myself enough juices. Keep it up!! You can do this!!

  • Winnie

    4 years ago

    Day 3 today. Lost 3 lbs in 2 days. Good going so far.

  • Stosh62

    4 years ago

    Hi guys

    I hope to make this a 60 day journey with today being my DAY1.

    I'm going to be open with myself and everyone else here. I need it!

    I would like to change the way I think/feel about food.

    I start the path at 214lbs...............until tomorrow.

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Day two going well so far =) down 2 lbs from yesterday and 4 lbs overall (lost 2 lbs a week before). I'm hoping to regain my health, get married and have a baby, so I need to take care of myself.

  • Makingthingshappen!

    4 years ago

    hi all! I'm from Northern Kentucky and on day 3 of my fast. Today is the hardest for me so far! I was in search for support and so glad I found you! I look forward to the next month! I'm blogging about my experience in case you're interested. I'd be interested in following your blog also if you are doing one!! We got this!!

  • Natalia

    4 years ago

    Hello everyone... Nat from Perth, Western Australia... yay I'm starting mine today, Sat 28 Feb. I've tried the green juice before but I wasn't consistent and gave up. Looking forward to staying the course with everyone in this group as motivation!! Thank you and good luck :o)

  • tessa b

    4 years ago

    Greetings from sunny Arizona. I'm In too! I start on the 2nd for the guided reboot. I've done a re-boot before. My advice is that if you can't stop thinking about food at the end of a day, prep tomorrow's fruit/veg, put on your PJ's, watch a indulgent movie on Netflix and go to bed early! Then its tomorrow and you will have made it through another day.

  • Lela_Kiss

    4 years ago

    Hi, all! Going to start my 31 day fast. I start on Sunday, March 1st. Happy juicing!!!! :)

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