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  • Mega_Licious

    2 months ago

    So are there anymore Millennials left juicing? I am turning 27 in a few days time and I am very unhappy with where I am with regards to my weight and health... I used to dance, ballet and when I stopped it seemed as if there was a casing that slid off of my body and I began expanding...

    I am ready to do this and with the support of my partner I look forward to this new way of life!!!

  • Tande

    4 months ago

    Hi, How's your rebooting going :)? I'm also 26 and looking for some support (it's day one for me!).

  • alexanju

    5 months ago

    @#~M ~ I ~ L ~ L ~ E ~ N ~ N ~ I ~ A ~ L ~ S ~ #$% ---- JOIN! #justdoit -Shia Labeouf

    Just created this group! I'm 26 and just looking for people in my age bracket that I "may" be able to relate to a little more ¯\_(?)_/¯ that are also going through the 'Reboot'. We all know age is relative when it comes to getting along and making genuine* friends and at the same time bridging generational gaps can sometimes be a barrier and or awkward. Lets face it, life is already awkward anyways so who cares haha. Pleasepleaseplease post your silly MEMES and PHOTOS* of your progress! Here's a photo of min~n~n~n~eh. I'm doing a 3 day, 10 day, and in total a 30 day. ugh--long road.

    Senpai can't wait to see ( ?° ?? ?°)

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