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  • Erika D

    5 years ago

    I suffer from ED, I binge terribly. Anything and everything. Without thinking. I even tried (unsuccessfully) to purge, but could never force myself to do it. I would eat everything in the house, and be ready to order more food. I would always try to pretend to order for 2-3 when it was just me (things like ordering 2 drinks, etc). I have done smaller reboots in the past and found that the binging tendencies go away with the juice.

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.