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  • wheretheadiposegoes

    5 years ago

    holy, lack of, sh*t?

    earlier today, i was too tired to be concerned with reporting on day 2, however, i'm finding myself (brace yourself for the over-share) extremely constipated! really?!

    i have experienced this before, related to chia seeds; but no where near as intense.

    i'm mentally preparing for a miserably long, uncomfortable, sleep deprived day at work tomorrow.

    ways i think i went wrong: too much chia in my 'workout' juices and using green bananas (supposedly they have more potassium and overall reduced glycemic load related to insoluble fiber).


    for those with the same, lazy peristaltic function; i use Aeorbic Life's Mag07 Oxygen Cleanse capsules semi-regularly. i just downed 5 of them.

    anyway, last night i spent $118.00 and some change at Kroger. i stocked up on organic kale, spinach, bananas, lemons, coconuts, mangoes, granny smith apples, beets, radishes, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, raw almonds and cashews, avocados, oranges, parsley, cilantro, carrots, almond milk, sweet potatoes, and dates.

    i also purchased 6 vintage tinted 16 oz mason jars (i'm a sucker for anything vintage inspired) and a 12 pack of 32 oz mason jars (accounting for about 24$ of the bill) to pre-make and freeze juices/smoothies.

    a lot of things really turn out like smoothies in the vitamix-especially if you're trying to increase the protein and fat content through nuts, kefir, my guilty pleasure legume-peanut butter powder; and unsweetened almond milk.

    the alternate size/color system worked out well. i created drinks, largely based of Joe's recipes (Garden Variety; Un-Beet-able; Carrot-Apple-Lemon, Green Lemonade, Pumping Iron; and my own random creation involving coconut, mango, orange, banana, spinach, kefir, and almond milk).

    the higher fat/protein content drinks intended for the gym went into the smaller, blue mason jars; and the lower calorie, higher water content drinks went into the 32 oz jars.

    down 1#.

  • wheretheadiposegoes

    5 years ago

    day 1 blends (and no lie, i am easing into this):

    1. parsley, lime, small juicing orange; kale; small chunk of ginger; blended in the VItamix with berry detox tea, and one organic stevia packet.

    the convince myself i'm not starving so i still go to the gym mix, inspired by one of Joe's workout recipes, and what i had on-hand:

    2. kale, small, frozen green banana; a couple tablespoons powdered peanut butter; a serving of amazing grass chocolate powder; and about 1/2 c. each of plain, unsweetened kefir/vanilla almond milk, and one packet of stevia.

    currently drinking coffee with almond milk and stevia-no sense in becoming homicidal AND suicidal.

    happy blending!

  • wheretheadiposegoes

    5 years ago

    going in scared?

    i didn't realize i was starting a cleanse effective today, until Joe Cross fell into my lap, by way of my laptop computer and Netflix.

    looming concerns:

    1. effect of supplements/vitamins on a vita-mixed stomach;

    2. irritability without food (my go-to for emotions); and most of all,

    3. handling workouts without a feeling of eminent death. insert spirulina into my amazon prime shopping cart, now.

    4. fear of resembling the distinguished charlotte gerson when complete

    plan for tomorrow involves: kale, parsley, orange, with a green tea base.

    starting with a 5 day goal, with high hopes of going far beyond that!

    starting point: 5'10; 142.5#.

    here's to going green!

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