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  • robinson

    5 months ago

    I am two weeks in to a reboot and feeling pretty good but only seem to have enough energy to walk and stretch - any input on when/how I will feel like running again?

  • Deb L

    11 months ago

    Greetings from the Empire State! First reboot for this former runner. I hope to get inspired to get on the road again!


    1 year ago

    GOOD MORNING! I am getting back into being an avid distance runner/cyclist/triathlete... what do we do if we just don't have the endurance while juicing???

  • Sanri

    1 year ago

    Hi. I'm new here and planning to start my reboot soon. I am a runner already and was just wondering if I will be able to continue running while on the reboot. I'm planning on runner a marathon in 2 months time.

  • RM

    1 year ago

    Hello Rebooters, there is a huge SPAM problem that has invaded this site. I have not been active for a year and this certainly did not exist in the past. I encourage you to flag these spam emails as inappropriate and to also send an email to the Reboot with Joe website. Hopefully, if enough of us communicate to the Reboot with Joe management they will eliminate and prevent these SPAM emails in the near future. Thanks for listening.

    Email your concerns to:

  • bb2386

    1 year ago

    I am just starting my Reboot journey. I start my first day this Wed.. I am really excited to get healthy! I am going to run/walk a 15K in a couple weeks. I have been training.

    Will I need to make modifications to the 30 days Juice Reboot plan to have enough energy to complete the 15k run/walk?

  • hilary

    1 year ago

    Anyone in the Seattle area? =)

  • GM

    1 year ago

    Are there any people in the Northern Virginia area --- please let me know..

  • melder1215

    1 year ago

    Just starting the 60 day thyroid reboot. I used to run and do triathlons and have virtually stopped everything due to chronic fatigue and lack of motivation. I am really hoping that the reboot will give me the energy I crave to get more active. Here's hoping!!!!

  • Cornisha

    1 year ago

    Hi ladies and gents! This may sound absurd and/or comical for some but I am 320 pounds and wanting to start training for a 5k that will take place in August. This will be my first marathon. Today I've began the second day of my extended 90 day juice fast. I started out at 328 pounds on my first day and have already lost 8 pounds! I'm very excited! Right now I can only jog for about 1 minute and a half before returning to a power walk. It takes me apprioximately 22 minutes to complete a mile. I've been informed by an organizer of the race that we will have an hour and 15 minutes to complete 3.1 miles. With that information in mind, I theorized that I can complete each mile in 22 minutes and would be able to successfully complete the marathon.

    Now, I used to run cross-country as a teenager and loved it (albeit I wasn't the best at it). I was the appropriate weight for my age, height, and gender throughout these years. I became over weight closer to my high school graduation but lost of lot of it right before i graduated and a little more afterwards. I did run about 3 miles after graduating quite regularly because I found it invigorating. Since then, a lot has transpired. I'm married with a 4 year old jumping toddler boy. Amid becoming obese, I have not been nearly as active as I used to although my baby boy keeps me on my toes.

    Anyways, I dont want to wait to start jogging after losing weight because I find it very empowering now. It just feels good and I want to have something to work towards aside losing a signifcant amount of weight during my juice fast and regaining my health. I want to increase my speed which I know will definitely happen as I get fit. But I need all the tips I can get for being a good runner. Although advise from any body would be great regardless, I'd really appreciate tips for people running who are obese and who are trying to build stamina. I suppose this would probably come from anyone in the same boat or anyone who has been there. Even when I was small, my coaches always told me one of the keys to running long distances is to control the rhythm of your breathing. I've struggled with this even when I was small although I did greatly improve before I got into this now obese body of mine. So, please give me as many tips as you can but especially effective methods to control the rhythm of breathing when running. I'm also here to support everyone else as we all strive to meet our goals!

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