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  • NC_Nana

    4 months ago

    Hello Everyone! My husband and I are getting started on the exciting journey of juicing. We want to reboot our eating habits, lose weight and just feel better. We live in Angier, which is south of Raleigh. Anyone close by, would love to get in touch with you..

  • Constantgardner

    1 year ago

    Hey all. I work in Carrboro and Greensboro and I am looking for a juicing companion. I am having a hard time w getting shopping and prep in a my crazy schedule and I want someone to be able to chat w to keep motivated. I did 5 days and loved it. Got the dreaded sickness 2 weeks ugh and when I tried to return it was a disaster.

  • thebigobear

    1 year ago

    Day 5 and 15 lighter, feeling great and looking forward to a new way of life!

  • Faye46

    2 years ago

    Hello , I'm a North Carolinian and was very to happy to find this group. It's 5:21 am and I just finished part 2 and decided it's time. Any tips would be great, I've juiced before but was not consistent.

  • New2NC69

    2 years ago

    High Point juicer.... anyone local to High Point? Needing moral support for a 10 day reboot. I am on day 3 and doing pretty good. Looks like no one has posted in over 3 months. Anyone looking to start again?

  • Faye46

    2 years ago

    Hello, I'm in Winston Salem getting ready to start. Let me know if you are still wanting a partner.

  • Travelingyankee

    2 years ago

    Hi everyone. Glad to see folks from NC here. I am in Winston Salem and look forward to connectinting with others in the state. I have a long way to go but have done some short reboots. I want to do a long reboot soon.

  • sandy1

    3 years ago

    I just found the NC juicers. Can I ask what part of NC some of you live in? I am in the Sandhills and have only lived almost two years. I am from east TN. Sandy

  • rockridgegal

    3 years ago

    New to this juicing thing and located in Wilson NC and hope to find some encouragment here....looking to start juicing this weekend....

  • motivatedmom

    3 years ago

    I'm so glad to find another person from NC. I joined this group so I could interact with some local folks. I'm in Raleigh.

    A lot has changed since my last post in here.

    I'm down 21 lbs now.

    Have you juiced before?
  • hanelse

    3 years ago

    Hi everyone. I'm super excited about Reboot with Joe. I changed my eating habits about 5 years ago to something that resembles healthy, then I did a week long raw food detox diet earlier this month. Wow, was that tough. I got through it and now feel cleansed from the inside out.

    I'm in western NC, about 30 min north of Charlotte in a little town called Newton. I'm so glad there's a NC group here. Good luck, everyone, and happy juicing. :-)

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