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  • Michael

    2 years ago

    Tried in the past and got a few juicers and blenders, tried a reboot before but always gave up. it was to much a hassle cut up veggies and fruit and having to clean up afterwards.

    Another problem was buying fruits and vegetables in bulk and seeing them go old in the fridge.

    Then recently i saw some thing called a Nutri Bullet, and bought it. This time instead of buying fresh fruit everything I bought frozen fruits and vegetables, and then every day i will go get some fresh spinach, bananas and coconut water. So 75% I use is frozen and 25% fresh. This machine is so much more convenient, and no mess and cleaning like with my other juicers

    I then also came across the movie follow up "Fat sick and nearly dead - 2 " and watched it again.

    Last Sunday I was 146 KG, daily head aches, tired all the times, and not sleeping good, and a bunch of other itches, cranks and pains. So after watching the movie again i felt inspired and decided i need to diet and get healthy, not for myself but for my family's sake.

    On Monday i started cereal for breakfast with honey, blended juice for lunch and dinner. I always do 2\3's fruit and 1\3'rd veg, and everyday i increase the veg portions.

    On Wednesday I started to add a scoop of protein power with my juice blend for lunch, that was yummy.

    This morning Friday i even juiced my muesli with veg and fruit and protein powder, it was great.

    Today we went into town and while my wife was having a quick lunch in the food court, i spoiled my self to raw salmon and tune from sushi counter -- i avoided the rise, only took the fish - 100 gram or so -- that was my treat for the week.

    This evening i checked my weight again, and i was down to 141.1 Kg, so in only 5 days !!!!! I lost 5 Kg.

    I fee great, no headaches or other bad symptoms, in fact i am feeling great and more energy.

    I avoided going to gym this week to give my body a little time to adjust. But i plan to go back to the gym and do some swimming and cycling, maybe only 45 min a day at first.

    I have no special juice, but I love my bananas, i add banana and spinach as the base to all my juices.I don't follow a plan, but rather just look what is in the fridge and make what comes to mind -- a lot of experimenting. If i get hungry in between juice times then i snack on dried, unsweetened fruits, like figs, prunes and nuts.

    The thing I like least in my juices is oranges, for some reason that does not work with my taste buds. I am fine eating a orange on its own but not in a juice. I normally use fresh coconut juice - from the coconut in my blends ( plenty of coconuts here in Thailand where i live and easy to get )

    I will continue with my juice \ raw food diet, until i have lost at least 30 Kg.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience

  • sanfrangal66

    3 years ago

    Started a 10 day reboot and I'm on day 7. I feel amazing! Luckily, I didn't go through the super tired/angry stage. Last night I had a martini as part of a celebration. Boy, did I feel that this morning! I hit the Mean Green first thing and feel SO much better. Just trying to get my husband on board. He keeps saying he's going to do it, but we'll see. I'm just so glad I tried it. And I'm going to continue!

  • treehouse

    3 years ago

    Turning 55 July 3rd & would love to be down 15lbs? Starting a 5 day reboot then a 2 day break going to cottage & back on the Monday. Last time I did a 7day I lost 8lbs then moved to one salad for dinner kept the weight off a year but then life happened. I've been trying shakes & low calorie diets but when I went back to my notes on juicing it was the winner!

  • aLySSaMariE

    4 years ago

    I'm back for my second juice cleanse! Starting at midnight tonight no food, all fresh juice, I did have a nice relaxing day and went to my favorite restaurant to eat tonight then had my favorite desert. :) I'm excited and nervous, last time I completed 30 full entire days of a juice fast and didn't cheat once, it took so much self control and strength and I was so proud of myself. I hope I can do it again, not sure exactly how long I'm going to go, but hoping for about 15-20 days at the very least, anyone starting a juice fast soon? Or on one? Please share your experiences , I think it's so much easier to have support from others who are going through the same thing! Wish me luck!

  • juicyLA

    4 years ago

    Starting today at 233 and hoping to do 30 days! Enjoying my first Carrot + Orange juice now ;)

  • alisharal

    4 years ago

    Starting today with 5 day reboot....NERVOUS!!!

    Prepared "mean green" juice for the day. Felt great this morning but beginning to feel a bit sluggish and feel a headache coming on.

  • Roro1989

    4 years ago

    I'm getting ready to start a three day reboot, last time I tried I fell off the wagon. This time I am determined to stay the course. How are other people finding it? Also, where do people find coconut water from?

    Rose x

  • AtowardsHealthy

    4 years ago

    I will begin juicing this Saturday just to reboot my system. Im afraid about how much weight im going to lose. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. This is my first time..need all the help i can get!

  • LU M.Ed.

    4 years ago

    I am diabetic, and do not need to lose more than 10 pounds of belly fat. I have not bought a juicer yet and am looking for better nutrition. Best regards.

  • ginacarr

    4 years ago

    On Day 1 of the 15 Day Classic. Loving it so far!

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