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  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Hi Honey, i am a newbie here too and currently awaiting for my juicer from Amazon as well. I have seen the documentary (1 & 2) but I was so curious how it works that is why I also bought the kindle version of his book. In the book, Joe's advice is to do transition - 2 weeks before you start. I have cut down sugar and next is to eliminate coffee. I focusing on this one because it is my weakness plus i don't like withdrawals. I also read that we should start to juice once a day. Since I don't have a juicer, i make smoothie. Family is benefitting from it, haha.

    So good luck to both of us. I suggest, make a photo a day during your reboot.

  • Shannon Stride

    3 years ago

    Hey guys. Today is day 1 of my 10 day reboot lite and the hardest thing to get over is my coffee and chocolate craving which I'm craving right now. But I'm going to go an make a herbal tea now and try sleep off the craving. Let me know when you guys start and what programme you're doing. We can do this!

  • arcycha1

    3 years ago

    HI Trixie:

    My wife and I will be staring on April 1 also. That's tomorrow, yikes! I've read quite a bit about withdrawals that people have experienced. Headaches, stomach aches, frequent b-room trips. You expressed your concern over these things being a heavy coffee drinker. I quite drinking coffee several years ago. My wife and I are both vegans, so we eat healthy as it is. But, we eat too much. And during the winter months get little in the way of exercise. We don't use sugar or any processed or refined foods. The point I'm trying to get at here is even though we live a healthy lifestyle, I'm wondering what "side-effects" we might encounter when we begin juicing. So it might not always have to do with what your diet was before you began juicing. I'll let you know if we suffer from any of the things others have pointed out in their post. Good luck to you!

  • HoneybeeLeigh

    3 years ago

    I watched the documentary twice. I am ready. I am tired of being fat, high blood pressure, and scared that I might not wake up. I am too young. I am tired of being told "you'd be so pretty if you lost weight" . My juicer comes on saturday from Amazon. I am scared that I won't be able to handle the withdraw. I did atkins before, shit, i did them all before and the withdraw is the worst. I hope to start on a friday so I can have the weekend to be sick in bed and not miss work. Do you have any suggestions or words of encouragement? ;o)

  • Bridlestone

    3 years ago

    My first day today and l am a self confessed sugar and carb addict big time. I've had a headache all day and tried to get rid of it with dates and bananas but it didn't help much. Working on just one meal at a time and dreaming of high heels, boots and not wearing baggy clothes to hide the rolls :)

  • arcycha1

    3 years ago

    Well, originator of this group, how's it going so far? You need to be strong and resist, resist, resist. The good thing about withdrawals; they don't last forever. My wife read somewhere that it takes two weeks to "kick" a habit. I feel I was blessed when I quit smoking. I only suffered withdrawals for maybe three days. After that, I had no more desire to smoke. Of course, this happened only after almost ten years of trying to quit. And I believe my faith in God had something to do with it too.

    But this is something you need to do for YOU, and nobody else. Forget about the snide comments. You're probably pretty the way you are. BUT, you'd be a lot healthier if you shed some weight and ate a primarily plant based diet. So the person you should focus on is yourself and not to be pretty, but to be healthy.

    It has been proven that people who eat a vegan/vegetarian diet live 6 - 8 years longer than those who eat meat and animal products. They not only live longer, they live healthier. And what's more, they don't suffer with long bouts of disease before they die. I've seen enough people suffer for months or even a couple years fighting cancer before they expire.

    But that's not to say a vegetarian diet is a guarantee to a long, healthy life. My wife just read on the internet last night a woman giving birth to twins the day after her husband died of heart failure. He was only 39 years old and he was a vegetarian.

    There is much more to good health than just the food you eat. It also means drinking enough water. People have mostly replaced water with soda, coffee, tea, etc... These things don't clean the kidneys the way water does and they don't keep you hydrated enough. One of the main reasons so many people suffer high blood pressure.

    Exercise, fresh air (where it can be found) and sunshine are also beneficial to optimum health as is adequate rest. To find out more visit Good luck and happy juicing!

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