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Yippppie...Finally Day 1 for me

Free for All

Posted by Pumpkin on 3 years ago

I am new here and I am ready to juice myself back to health (RA). I hope I can reboot my system like Joe Cross did and I hope that I will get my immune system back to "normal."

I am older -as you can see- in my early 50's but young at heart (The number on paper and the number in my head don't match). I am heavily overweight and my life new life to a healthier me and a normal weight starts today. Day 1 is almost (yeahhh).

Day 1: I like the juice. It’s very refreshing; I can taste the ginger and the lemon. I am not surprised that they call it “mean green juice,” because it doesn’t look too friendly.

I juiced 6 Apples, 1 bunch of Kale, 2 pieces of ginger, 3 cucumbers, 1 lemon and 9 celery sticks first thing in the morning. I filled 2 large mason jars up and put them in the fridge and had an large glass of beautiful green juice for breakfast. This way I only have to clean the vegetables and the juicer once and I am set for the rest of the day.

I drank the rest of the juice at lunch time and for just right now for dinner. I was fine until lunch time and then I wanted to eat something…anything that wouldn’t eat me first. I didn't give in.

I had food on my mind all the time and cooking for my husband isn’t helping. They say it will get easier after 3 days…I hope that’s the case.

Hello to all of you who hopefully will join me at my journey.

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  • Jennyz

    3 years ago

    Hi Yipppie, I'm ancient too; 56. Good luck on your juice fast journey. I restarted today after it all went (at least pear shaped) at the weekend when I visited a friend in London. All went well today till 7pm then I 'rationalised' myself into having stir fry with my kids....oh well I'm getting closer to it and hopefully tomorrow will be totally juice and therefore an improvement in my performance! I'm 182 pounds hoping to lose 56 pounds. Doctor says that I'm pre diabetic and all I know is that I love to hike and my dodgy knee on the downhill and shoulder are holding me back and I'm sure that losing weight will help all of it so please wish me luck too ??

  • Biker Chick

    3 years ago

    This is my first day too! I'm 45. Drinking sunrise right's OK....

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