Reboot Newbies


Reboot Newbies

Posted by diinman on 4 years ago

I realized I need to do the juicing for awhile longer before I tell anyone that I am doing it. I told a friend tonight I was juicing, and the first thing out of her mouth was "that won't last long". No support or encouragement from that statement. Her statement made me feel discouraged at first, then I remembered why I am juicing; for my health and weight loss. I am the type though that if someone says I can't do something, I do try harder. This is only my first day and I needed to talk to someone, so posting on here. Also, I was starting to feel like I needed that night time snack, so I watched the movie again instead and now I feel motivated and stronger. I am so glad there is this site to talk about things. Okay, I am going to bed early so I won't think about it so much. :)

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