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Work out and Juice it

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Posted by ajan3 on 2 years ago

Good morning to all the juicers! Anyone here working out and juicing? I'd love some support and love to support others who are doing this intense but awesome journey!

What juices do you feel give you the best energy?

What kind of workouts are you guys doing?

I'm doing T25 and the gym..anyone else doing the same or one of these?

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  • Lauren

    2 years ago

    I just started my second full reboot. this is the first time i am doing it weil doing high intensity work outs ( spin 3x a week) plus other activities. I am hoping to find advice on what to do during a juice only reboot. I found that my performance has been effected and I struggle with the weight/ more pain than normal the next day.

  • ajan3

    2 years ago
    Hey awesome that you're doing a juice only reboot! I found something online here that there may be some that might need to lower the intensity of their workouts if you're doing an only juice diet. If you're having pain, I'd up the water and maybe do high intensity every other day and something less intense the other days to give your muscles a break and some time to heal.
  • Cookiesmum

    2 years ago

    I've just finished day 25 of 30 and I have been working out just great. The first time I went to a circuit class in week one, I almost fainted but after I got into the stride of the fast and I hit the "energy stage" I was fine. I do classes 3-4 times a week that include spin, Armageddon (circuit training) and yoga. I normally have a mean green about half hour before class and then after, I have a yellow juice and occasionally have added half a chopped banana and blended in to create a smoothie, if the workout was particularly high intensity. Good luck on your journey

  • ajan3

    2 years ago

    Wow! Day 25, that's great! Sounds like you're doing it right! You're giving me encouragement that I can reach my goal! Enjoy and juice on!

  • LadyJ

    2 years ago

    Good job on day 25. I am going to attempt weight-training, walking and low-impact training while juicing.


    4 months ago

    All of this was so helpful! I am about to start my first reboot ever, but was nervous since I see a personal trainer once a week, and workout 3x a week. Thanks Guys!

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