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Reboot Newbies

Posted by ellenf on 7 years ago How bad would it be to have a glass of wine at night? Would it totally derail everything? I am on Day 2 of 10 day juice only, and I'm going nuts. My nightly glass on wine is what usually gets me through the day after the kids go to sleep (I'm a stay at home mom).

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  • StrangeMagic

    7 years ago
    If you're serious about your fast, don't. I, too, am a wine person. I live in Sonoma to give you an example of just how much of a wine person I am. While it was very difficult to cut out wine and coffee, I want to do this the right way. The fast is supposed to be about discipline and clearing your body of toxins. There's sugar and alcohol in wine. It sort of goes against the whole purpose of the fast.

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