Will juicing over hydrate you ?


Posted by LisaTink128 on 1 year ago

Surely with all the juices and water consumed in a day would it not cause over hydration ?

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  • Zootal

    1 year ago

    Our kidneys can remove up to 20 liters of water a day if we are healthy. If we drink more than that, we can die. If we have health problems and our kidneys are not working at 100%, then that amount of water drops.

    On the average reboot we drink about 6-8 liters of liquid, less than half the amount required to cause over hydration. This is not at all dangerous if we are getting sufficient electrolytes. Juice has a lot of potassium and other minerals, but is deficient in sodium. Coconut water. for all the hype, is also deficient in sodium. All we really need to keep balanced is a good pinch of salt in our juice and a good multi-vitamin (and a few teaspoons of oil and a protein supplement).

    For me, the biggest problem is having to pee every 30 minutes. For that reason alone I drink less than half as much liquid as "they" suggest we do. I simply cannot pee every 30 minutes, I work for a living, ride a bus, attend meetings, etc. At 8 liters a day, I have to pee every half hour, and don't get much sleep because I have to get up and pee all night long.

  • LisaTink128

    1 year ago

    Thank you :)

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