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Why do a transition week?

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Posted by Shane on 2 years ago

I'm starting a reboot soon and I was wondering why I should do a transition week versus just start juicing? I've also read some websites that suggest doing a 24-hour transition instead of a full week. What are the benefits and/or what would happen if I didn't do the transition week? Thanks!

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  • Charron

    2 years ago

    I skipped the transition week and I think I made a mistake in that lol Every reboot starts with a 'detox' phase, where your body rebels against the dietary change. Headaches, nausea, joint pain, muscle aches, fuzzy brain, dizziness, etc are common during this phase, which can last anywhere from 1-4 days. I got hit hard on day 3.

    The transition week is meant to be a bit of a buffer, to help you wean off some things like coffee and sugar. The more 'bad food' you can ease off consuming the less the effects of the detox will be. Think of it like taking off a bandaid. You can do it bit by bit so it doesn't hurt as much, but takes longer... or you can just rip it off and grit yer teeth ;)

  • Zootal

    2 years ago

    Another reason to do a transition is to get the low fiber content out of your digestive system. If you have a low fiber diet, then when you start a reboot you can experience constipation. Our digestive system slows down on a reboot, and that last bit of steak and potatoes can be slow and difficult to pass. When we start a reboot, we want only high fiber content in our digestive system, so we can pass it with ease.

    I personally have never experienced "detox" symptoms, and I have a high fiber diet to start with. Because of this, I do not do a transition at all, I just jump in to a reboot cold turkey, and I never have an problems doing so.

    As Charron said, some people have fairly bad dietary habits, and jumping straight into a reboot can be unpleasant.

    Yet another reason to do a transition - some people have never done a reboot before and don't know what to expect. On my first reboot, my mouth constantly watered. I drooled all over myself non-stop. I would wake up at 3am in a panic thinking I was going to starve to death and die. We slowly transition into a reboot to get used to the routine.

  • Shane

    2 years ago

    Thanks to you both for the feedback. I think I may just jump right into the reboot next week instead of doing a transition week. I eat fairly well in general (I'm a pescatarian so a lot of fish, vegetables and fruit) so I'm hoping I don't have too many detox symptoms.

    I did a juice fast for 5 days a couple of years ago to test for food allergies (you juice for 5 days and then slowly add foods back one at a time to see if you have a bad reaction to them) so I think I know what to expect... at least for the first 5 days. :) I plan to go for 15 days for the reboot. I didn't eat that well over the holidays and I want to also reboot mentally -- get back into meditating and such -- so I'm looking forward to this to get me back on track with everything!

  • Or Maman

    2 years ago

    Nice to read the comments about the importance of a transition week.

  • Karen

    2 years ago

    Yes, thanks for sharing your experiences. This will be my first time, so it's good to know what can be expected.

  • Aileen Barnard

    2 years ago

    I jumped straight in as well couldn't wait to get started good luck you will love rebooting

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