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Why are the frequency of reboots limited?

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Posted by WJS on 5 years ago

Just read the post with the link from the nutritionist about the frequency of the reboots. My question is, why are the limited? Is it because we don't get all the necessary nutrition? If we are meant to be washing our bodies with vitamins, why should this be a problem and why should there be supervision by a doctor for extended reboots?

I am currently on my second reboot, the first for 21 days end of August first part of September.

The following is the link on the site:

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Replies To Why are the frequency of reboots limited?

  • WJS

    5 years ago

    I perhaps should have also asked, will it be ok for me to continue my juice only reboot a month after my last reboot?

  • Danmcn61

    5 years ago

    My take on this is that a reboot is meant to be a temporary change and not a consistent diet that you follow forever. While it is true that you are flooding your body with nutrients during a reboot (and equally important, you are not taking in the toxic crap that most of us used to eat) you are still not getting all of the nutrition that your body needs. You still need protein, and Vitamin B12, and healthy fats and fiber, so a reboot that lasts forever would be harmful after a while. It is meant to be temporary and then followed by a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle.

    My personal history is that I completed my 60-day juice fast and followed it with a balanced diet of healthy food, including a lot of green juice, but also foods like eggs, raw milk, grassfed beef, wild caught fish, lots and lots of fresh & cooked vegetables and even bread (Ezekiel bread) and homemade pasta on occasion. No pizza, burgers, beer, etc...that would put me right back where I started.

    I got back into the habit of exercising every day during my reboot, and have kept up that habit, which is a godsend. The more exercise I get, the more I crave green juice. The point I am trying to make is that, like Joe in the hot-air balloon, I committed myself to living a balanced lifestyle and to moving forward. That doesn't make me better or stronger than anyone else (because I am not, trust me) but at least it gives me a daily goal to strive for. I screw up sometimes, so I do a small reboot every once in a while, but overall I'm staying on track.

  • WJS

    5 years ago

    That makes a lot of sense, thank you for the response danmcn61.

    I wonder also if doing it too frequently could lower our metabolism? I hope not and would like to continue on this one even though it is too close to my last juice only fast but hate to think my metabolism has been slowed and I would put on weight very easily. :(

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    5 years ago

    Dear WJS,

    This plan is all about a health change and re-connecting to your healthy self by flushing your body with high grade nutrients but this is not a complete diet and is low in some essential macro and micro nutrients. This is why it is referred as a cleanse rather then a long-term plan.

    Nutrients missing are listed in this post about supplements but you can certainly go without these nutrients for a set period of time with no negative effects

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