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Posted by Katy32847 on 1 year ago

Hi, my husband and I have been wanting to start a reboot for months. The timing is just never right. It's pretty clear to me from the documentaries that the first 3 days are going to be rough. We are both so busy with work M-F, and activities every single weekend (stuff we can't get out of, like our daughter's gymnastic's competitions) that we've just been putting it off until the timing was right. We re-watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 tonight to re-gain some motivation, and I really want to get started! I'm looking at our schedule for basically the rest of the summer, and we don't have a single weekend where we don't have anything to do. I'm afraid of starting a reboot when we have so much going on, because I'm afraid we won't be able to stick to it. I'm also afraid that if we keep putting it off, we'll never do it. I'm ready for change NOW! So my question to you all is: Should we go ahead and start, despite our busy schedules, or wait until we can commit the time to the adjustment period (even though that might not be until the end of summer or later)?

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