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What's your favorite Fruit?

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Posted by Chris on 7 years ago It's a simple question but not always a simple answer :) Introduce yourself, share your favorite fruit, and let us know why you love that particular fruit. Chris @ Team Reboot (and I love strawberries)

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  • Katten

    7 years ago
    Hi Chris, I'm Netta and my favourite fruit would have to be Mango .. Bowen Special when I can get them. Growing up in Queensland we had them all the time when I was young. They are messy to eat but so wonderful in taste. Not many fruits can compare in my books. Custard Apples would have to come a close second ... yum!! :)
  • FacebookUser

    6 years ago
    Yes, I would have to say, Mango. I've just started adding it to my juices and it makes an incredible difference in the taste. You don't even really need to use alot. Second, pears. They also really jazz up a drink. Tovah
  • Chris

    7 years ago
    My brother loves Mangoes too :)
  • sloanbueller04

    7 years ago
    Hi Chris, Hi Netta, I'm Tasha and my favorite fruit is strawberry. I live in So. Cali, so whenever strawberry season hits they are quite abundant and it usually means that summer is around the corner. I've always have been so surprised when I eat a strawberry that is just bursting with sweetness. It gets me everytime. I love though that with just a little bit of sugar (and for me personally a splash of lemon) and you can get almost any strawberry to taste fantastic (even if it was picked too soon.
  • SushiKite

    7 years ago
    warm peaches off the tree kissed by the sun
  • esjayeff

    7 years ago
    Too easy, mangoes are without doubt the fruit of the gods, but raspberries aren't that far behind.
  • kitikate

    7 years ago
    Hi Chris, great question! I'm Katy, it's winter in Melbourne & you've made me lust after summer fruit! Top of my list is mango on its own, or with avocado...amazing! I love to come into my kitchen & smell ripe mangoes & beautiful stonefruit :-)
  • jbaldwinberentis

    7 years ago
    Hi, I am Julie. This question is easier for me than the veggie question. Right now, I am loving blueberries!! They make a great snack for when I am not really hungry, but I just want a little something to pick me up.
  • chickycat

    7 years ago
    Watermelon, no two ways about it. I could live on watermelon. Love it!
  • tytbody

    7 years ago
    Hi Everyone, ;glad to see the forum up and running. I love by far, Mangos. Just the best fruit. !!!! I love it becasue it's sweet, it's juicy, and makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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