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Weight Gain after Reboot

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Posted by katiejay on 5 years ago I've been doing a combination of modified juicing (1 plant-based meal a day) and intermittent reboots since April 9. I just came off of a 16-day Reboot and the scale took quite a jump in 4 days......5.5 pounds. The only things I've been eating along with my morning juice are vegetables (raw and cooked), fruit and black bean soup that I make from scratch. I know that I'm not eating enough to have gained that much. It's very disconcerting. Do you have an answer? Kate

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  • tracylovesamy

    5 years ago
    i think we can have a couple issues we need to be aware of. and i am sure there are many more. the first is as we start to eat just having more food in your digestion system will cause the scale to go up. doesnt mean that we are adding fat, if we are eating healthy, then next will can be from using salt in our cooking. which can add to the retention of water weight. I am not the expert. just a felow juicer. if we eat moderate amounts of food, after the initial jump in weight from having the added food in our digestion system, we should still be losing weight just at a slower rate. maybe at the 1-2 pound a week rate instead of the 1-2 pound a day rate that we can see during a juice fast. Keep an eye on the weight and if it starts to climb to much, you may need to move back into a juice fast again. I know that is part of my post fast plan. I am on about day 34 of my 60 day fast. and my post fast eating and exercise plan are really big things in my mind right now. good luck with your continues weight loss. i see you are down past the 50% mark. that is areat accompishment. I just made my 50% mark too. and it is great to see. take care tracy
  • Shunned

    5 years ago
    Hi Kate :) Ive learned a few things from the past.. and current eating situation I am doing.. try not doing any beans the first week.. stick to salads and fruit maybe feta and veggie soups.. beans are good for you but they slow me down alot especially after coming off juice only. Give your digestive system a chance to go o hey there solid food for a week then add the beans :) hang in there I am rooting for you!
  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    5 years ago
    Dear katiejay, Yes legumes can be too heavy for some and having lighter meals can help. Has the 5.5pounds reduced at all since this post was written? Here are some important guidelines to follow - Let me know if you have anymore questions!
  • ashwiN

    9 months ago

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