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Weekends are rough! Weekend tips?

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Posted by Taylor on 3 years ago


I am currently on day 7 and down 10 pounds! Very excited, but I do have to say my biggest struggle so far was getting through my first weekend! It really made me notice how much of my social life involves eating and drinking on the weekends. During the work week, I am on more of a strict schedule where I do not have time to think about cheating as often. Does anyone have any weekend tips to make it easier? I would like to juice another 8 weeks but cannot imagine 8 more weekends like this last one. I can't believe I was excited to go to work today! LOL

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  • vandengrey

    3 years ago

    Work is so much easier isn't it? lol Having an Italian wife who makes pasta out of this world makes weekends unbearable. The football playoffs didn't help much either. Find something to get consumed with; a book, new series on netflix, music....I know it is easier said than done.

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