Watermelon juice going off quickly!!!


Posted by [...] on 5 months ago

Twice I've made a juice containing watermelon juice in the morning, but when I drink it 3 ish hours later, it tastes soapy and off. The juicer was clean and the juice kept in the fridge both times. I find fresh watermelon juice not a problem. Were the melons overripe, or does it just have a very short life span??? Ever happened to anyone else?

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Replies To Watermelon juice going off quickly!!!

  • Zootal

    5 months ago

    I have watermelon juice from time to time, and have never had a problem with it. However, the last watermelon I bought was old, and the melon itself fermented after just one day, and was nasty on the second day. If you did not refrigerate it, that might cause it, but since you did, I would suspect a melon that just wasn't that fresh.

    Try juicing a half or whole lemon with it next time, that lemon juice should help it stay fresher longer.

  • [...]

    5 months ago

    Never thought to add lemon juice, thanks. I'll give it a try.

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