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Water In My Plunger

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Posted by TimAucoin on 5 years ago

There's water trapped inside my plunger and the thought of it being stuck and festering in there really grosses me out.

Does anyone know how to get rid of it?


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  • TimAucoin

    5 years ago

    There's a reply but I can't see it.

  • Baggs

    5 years ago

    Good Morning Tim ,

    First I laughed when I read your post as I could not figure out whatyou were talking about, then I realized what you meant !!! Does the veggie plunger come apart somehow ? If it doesn't, let it lay on atea towel and let the water seep out from its lowest point where the water got in in the first place. Laying the plunger on a tea towel will help wick the water out when and if the water does manage to seep out. Outside of that you may just have to get a new plunger, they are fairly cheap to replace. I have Breville Juicer and they strongly warn never to immerse the plunger into water nor place the plunger in the dishwasher. Anyways I had a good laugh upon waking up and reading this post. Keep in Touch! Juice On !!!

    Regards ... Allen aka Baggs


  • ashwiN

    8 months ago

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