Free for All

want to start juice to hopefully heal ;-)

Free for All

Posted by Tt101Tom on 9 months ago

hi, All

let me introduce myself

got netflix for a present and came across Joe. currently unemployed due to health issues. will set some fund/save some funds for juice program.

physically tired legs, and painful cramps when contracting hamstrings, toes, and fingers other muscle no problems. so why only the hamstrings , toes en fingers i am thinking.

magnesium, potassium...etc all normal levels. which deficiencies can cause also cramp in muscles.

the doctors cannot find a problem yet, it is really such being tired, having irritated muscles all the time.

its worth giving a try a juice fast in the future and see where it leads me.

will be following other posts to see how you all are doing.


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Replies To want to start juice to hopefully heal ;-)

  • Tt101Tom

    9 months ago

    This topic contains 1 replies, has 1 voices, and was last updated by Soose 1 day ago.

    i don't get it. i do not see a reply and what doe 1 voices mean.

  • Soose

    9 months ago

    Tt101Tom, let's see if you get this reply on this thread. Somehow, some of these discussions get set to private and some posts don't show. Or the site is in some mode where it loses a few posts according to we know not what criteria. I did reply to your original message. Come ask us on the active groups.

  • Soose

    9 months ago

    I sent you a message relating my experience with cramps - check your inbox on this site.

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