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Free for All

Posted by Denise on 4 years ago

I am on day 2 & I have vomited several times today. I do not have the flu, I have been drinking my juice & water & hot water with lemon. But I am hungry & now all the juice I just drank has come up again, this is the 3rd time today. Maybe I should have 1 meal a day if this is going to happen. I'm really discouraged :(

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  • Denise

    4 years ago

    Hi friends,

    I'm still hanging in well partly. I had to start eating 1eal a day & I've added some veggies & fruit to munch on. My blood sugar really dropped so I had to eat.

    Will see how the next few days go & if it's still not good I will look for other ways to lose weight.

    Hugs to you all,


  • Michael

    4 years ago

    This will be my first reboot. I imagine the symptoms may be like when I fast. The first few days usually have intense hunger pains. Yet I fight these by reminding myself hunger only lasts for 15 minutes and then passes. I drink hot water with lemon and ginger as necessary. Headaches from caffeine withdrawal and nausea will come and go for a few days. This moves to next phase of no hunger but feeling weak and low back pain. At this point I know I have exhausted liver stores of glycogen and my body will be switching from insulin and burning glucose for energy to secreting glucagon and burning ketone bodies. I know my body is acting up like a spoiled brat will resist not having food to eat like it normally gets, but also know weakness and die off symptoms are temporary as all remaining food stores and toxins are broken down and removed from my body. My favourite part is the next stage. Before a week is finished my body is getting good at burning fat and using ketone bodies as it's primary fuel. Energy returns and smell of food turns me off. No hunger anymore. Sounds are louder colours are brighter and my spirit soars. This stage is worth it and makes me stay focused during the first week. If this is your first reboot be kind to yourself. Take lots of showers and gentle walks, go for a massage, do a guided meditation and deep breathing exercises to help removal of waste products. Remember the symptoms are temporary generally. Hang in there. By day ten my spirit usually soars and I am reminded why biblical saints and sages would fast to get closer to God! On a cellular level your body is healing and removing debris and damaged cells. It is a great time of physical healing and renewal!

  • Michael

    4 years ago

    just starting. very excited.

  • diinman

    4 years ago

    i had to make some sweet potato fries for supper last night. i was feeling sick to stomach too, however, day three (ate salads for I started day one), and I have lost 6 lbs.

  • Arvind098

    5 months ago

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