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very concered due to abnormal blood results while juicing?

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Posted by schully27 on 4 years ago

Hello there. I recently just ended a 15 day juice fast. While on day 13 I had some blood work done. My wbc was down to 3.0 and my vitamin b12 was up to 1342! My blood work from the fall showed my wbc was 3.8 and my b12 was 212. I had started taking b12 supplements but was only taking 1000 mcg/day - the suggested dose (actually it was less a lot of days as I often only remembered to take 2/3 of the pills most days). I was also told by a few different source that you can't over dose of b12 even if you take too many vitamins your body would pee it out...So my test results were very confusing to me.

I didn't feel better during or after the juice fast. Was very envious of those who report more energy as I am as chronically fatigued as ever.

There is a family history of leukemia in my family so concerned this may explain my lab results and the extreme low energy. AT this point my doctor is awaiting results from a second lab test but in the mean time thought I would see if the juice fast could be a possible explanation to my results? (also note my platelet count was a bit low at 142 and my neuts 1.5). I have a history of Hashimoto's but my thyroid levels all look to be in the optimal range...

Please advise.

thank you.

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 years ago

    Dear schully27,

    Well done on your reboot. Sometimes it can take a few reboots to get the most out of the plan. Most importantly did you follow the plan and serving sizes as suggested? We recommend 16-20oz 4-6 x per day. Some recipes depending on the juicer and produce may make more or less. Its also important to consume the suggested coconut water and extra fluid as suggested.

    A juicing diet contains no Vitamin B12 so the test is likely due to you taking the supplement close to the test and the serum results gave a very immediate short term high result.

    WBC counts is normally related to minerals such as zinc and selenium which are in smaller amounts during a juice fast but certainly should not be deficient so easily, you may have already been low in these minerals previous to the reboot. A RBC zinc and selenium test would be advised.

    WBC and platelet counts can also be related to stress levels. Did you feel stressed during the reboot? Not having enough energy throughout the reboot tells me something was not quite right.

    Please let me know how these results go for you!

  • schully27

    4 years ago

    I did follow the plan exactly ensuring 4 - 20 oz juices + 16 oz of coconut water per day and tons and tons of water. I do take zinc and selenium...?? But I didn't take any of my supplements, including b12 prior to my blood test that day...??

    The reboot did not stress me, I found it quite easy - was never hungry just really cold and thirsty. My energy level was not worse during the reboot - just the same. But I am currently unable to work due to the extreme fatigue so was hoping the reboot would cure me like so many others.. But I guess there is something more sinister going on with me...

    Will continue to juice daily (20 oz) + 1 day per week I do a mini juice fast...

    Thank you for getting back to me!

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