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Unpleasant after 1 day of juicing

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Posted by Krisberry on 2 months ago

Dear nutritionist,

The following content is nasty. I apologise for that.

I have juiced many times but not once was it this horrible. Not even my first was this horrible.

A week ago when I wanted to start my juice fast again(which is after 8 months), I made a jug of beet+cucumber+cabbage+lemon juice for the day and things were all right until the next early morning and then started to puke mucus(it looked like saliva) also visited loo 5 times or so that day (day after juice day). Puked 4 times - even more mucus. It was bitter but just threw up mucus not juice. My poop was all beet-y and liquid which is normal but the whole thing weakened me.

I did transition into fasting by omitting dairy, gluten. Could you help me understand why this happened? Has it got to do anything with beets.I washed and peeled them.

I was frigging tired afterwards, so took antacid tablet and continued having rice porridge. Now I'm fine but want to fast again.

I'm very sorry for writing all the "private business".

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