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Two weeks in....feeling a bit ‘meh’

Real Change

Posted by Ladyhearmetonight on 1 year ago

Hi All

I’m two weeks in (commenced the programme for weight loss), and have lost almost a stone in weight. I am so grateful for Joe’s documentaries and this website.

It is lovely to see the weight loss on the scales every morning but....I feel a bit ‘meh’ about juicing today.

Almost like I am bored of it.

I’m not hungry....I juice morning and lunch and pick at a few solid vegetables in the evening and that’s enough to satisfy any hunger.

I’m just finding this truly boring and I can’t believe I have another 5 weeks to go (my target).

Today, when I thought about another day of juicing and a few pieces of veg for dinner, I was like.....[BIG SIGH].

Happy for the weight loss but the thought of another 5 weeks of this is depressing.

I thought I may just need to eat something naughty to give me a boost/break...but then couldn’t cope with the guilt of betraying my commitment.

This is a shame because the first few days weren’t easy but I got through them....I got through the worst....I’d hate to abandon ship out of boredness.

I don’t suppose anyone could pick me up, could they?

I would greatly appreciate it x

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