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Transitioning back to food

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Posted by NancyM on 4 years ago

After doing the 5 day reboot, I am gently transitioning back to food. I juiced 2-3 times and tried to eat a small plant based meal. Yesterday was not great. Severe abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Is that normal? Will it go away? My goal is to combine juicing with one meal. Not sure how to do this. Any advice? Thanks,

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  • Jennifer

    4 years ago

    Hi, I recently transitioned from a 60 day juice fast...the first day I felt terrible but I started with some things from Joe's transition recipes that I wasn't ready for. Eating again when you have been fasting can result in stomach upset...the first time I cheated on my fast I had to rush to the toilet and stay there a while! Gut flora soon changes and then doesn't like a change in diet.

  • NancyM

    4 years ago

    Thanks Jennifer. I actually did the same yesterday. I checked out some recipes from Joe's transition and made some. Today is much better.

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