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Tough Day.

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Posted by HeftyHeifer on 5 years ago


I whipped this up in 15 minutes with a mouse just to express myself.

I've been working by butt off for six, going on seven days. Juicing like a crazy woman, and walking/running. YES! RUNNING! And nothing was chasing me! Can you believe it?!
I had such high hopes to lose at least a pound, and when I weighed today with my dad and mom....nothing. My dad, who's sort of cheating the juicing by nibbling here and there, looses four pounds. My mother, who isn't over weight and is juicing for energy looses four pounds.
Me? Nothing. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing.
I just sobbed in the shower, and I'm not an easy crier. I feel like I've been working so so hard, and the only benefit I've gotten from it is sore muscles and stomach pains and cravings and I'm just throwing myself a pity party now. ;n;

I'm 5'2", 185 pounds, and 22 years old. I shouldn't have to worry about this stuff, but I do. I worry for me, and for my dad. The only reason he's juicing this long is because he says if I don't give up, he won't. That's the only thing keeping me from throwing in the towel right now out of sheer frustration.

Do you guys have down days? ;n;

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  • uptowngirl602

    5 years ago

    Hi Kayla,

    First let me say congrats on your journey. I am On my final day of a 30 day juicing. Its difficult for everyone in one way or another. My downfall is chips and the cravings come and go. I have not been able to excersize like you. I have a knee injury which doesn't allow me to walk for a long distance. (surgery tomorrow!!!)

    I think your problem may be what you think of yourself. Your user name and how you speak about yourself is unfair and unnecessary.

    My husband and I both started together and we have both lost 30 lbs. He lost it faster then me but he slowed down with his weight loss and I kept going until I caught up.

    If you haven't lost ANY weight and you've been on it for a week then you may need to look at what you have been juicing. Are you juicing more fruit then veggies? Are you skipping a juice?

    It's difficult but then again if it were easy we wouldn't need to lose any weight. There are going to be juices that will make you want to skip a meal BUT in the end you know you have a goal. It's EASY to give up but then you give up on yourself and you accomplish NOTHING.

    Keep going!!!!

  • 38andoverweight

    5 years ago

    I concur with uptowngirl602! You can do It! I am on day 3 and my body is yelling "Why aren't you feeding me?!!!" But, my mind is over the matter!! Never, ever give up! Satan wants to get you down with the numbers. Don't look at the numbers! Just keep doing the fast the right way and the end results can only be good! God be with you in your fasting journey!


    5 years ago

    Hang in there! There could be many reasons why the weight loss has stalled. That is why it is really important to focus on other non scale related successes.

    Are you near your cycle? I know that can have a lot to do with a stall in the weight loss.

    What kind of fruits and veggies are you juicing consistently?

    Hang in there and keep the faith! It WILL pay off.

  • Nikita43

    5 years ago

    One other thing...if you're working out, its very normal not to lose weight. We, North Americans, don't understand that the human body isn't really designed to lose weight because we have soooo much food. Its actually designed for just the opposite. To hold onto it for hard you have to understand how its working. When you're eating less, working out very hard, etc...your body basically holds on to what it can. I rarely lose weight during a heavy exercise cycle...but you do gain fitness, lean tissue, and when you take some down'll drop weight. Also the lean tissue you gain is heavier than the fat you're losing. Weight loss isn't happens in spurts and bursts. If you're doing the right're going to lose weight. It will happen. You might lose 0 pounds one week and drop 10 pounds the next. This is why I don't own a scale...its often counterproductive in the short term when you're trying to gain fitness which is EXACTLY the right way to lose weight and keep it off. Instead of imagining yourself just skinny...remember the real goal here. To be healthy and fit...and you're doing all the right things to get there. Anyone can lose weight but not everyone can increase their fitness level and keep the weight off. That's why what you're doing is going to work if you keep at it. And isn't it nice when you can go further today than you did yesterday. I just finished a 40-minute run...last week, I couldn't get past 25 without quitting. Please hang in there...keep your eyes on the goal and don't give up!!!

  • HeftyHeifer

    5 years ago

    @ Uptowngirl: Well, to ease your mind a bit about my self image, I've always been a joker when stress comes into play, so I'm not new to making fun of myself. I do it in all areas of life, not just weight. And HeftyHeifer is a nickname for a cartoon character I created some years ago that I've used as a username and email for a while now. -points at icon- See? c: Your concern for my well being is really touching, though. I really really appreciate your encouragement. ;u; And I think you might be right. I have been using juice as a meal, and a few waters in between. I'm going to try really saturating myself in juice for a few days and see if that helps.

    @ 38andoverweight: My stomach has gone beyond screaming at me and has viciously declared war on my bowels. "VIVA LA REVOLUTION!" XD

    @ Thejuiceathomemom: That could very well be it. Since hormones are going wack, and diet changes so insane, my body is going nuts. Not to mention I'm due to start in a couple of days. ;n; Buuuuh It's just so unusual for me, since my body usually doesn't give a lick of fuss around that time of the month. Now, I'm cramping and crying and whiny and just all around roll over and sleep forever.
    And veggies are carrots, kang kong, broccoli, onion, cabbage, beets, pickled radish, and last night some peas. Fruits are oranges, apples, grapes, and...that's about it.

    @Nikita43: ...Thank you. THAAAAAANK YOU. Again I say, why didn't I think of that? I swear, sometimes in the fog of craving and self pity, I just lose all sense. Alright. New deal. I'm going to extend my juicing fast a little bit longer, and try not to exercise as much. I'll see if that helps my body go into "eat fat" mode.

    Everyone's advice and encouragement is just what I need. Seriously, thank you guys so much. ;n; It's not as easy to talk to people 'in real life' about this sort of thing, since (as I'm sure you've experienced) You get the crazy eyebrow arching 'juicing weight loss say whaaa?' look. Thanks again, and let's hope the next six days are better than the first.


    5 years ago

    just keep coming back to this forum. This is a wonderful place to get advice and support from people who truly understand. Stick with it and you will be living proof!

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