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Posted by Gwenyth Love on 1 year ago

I have spent the past week or so getting ready for this day. I have been sick for years with many issues. My current issue has been ongoing since April 30, 2017, after a really bad gallbladder attack. Ever since then I have a constant pain where my sternum is, squeezing and burning pain below my breasts, and other general abdominal pain, this pain intensifies whenever I eat or drink anything, even water. Doctors can't figure it out. They found an ulcer and gastritis the first time, but now say I am clear and they don't know what's up. My hope is that this juice fast will let my digestive system rest enough to heal, or at least give me some more information to provide my doctors. I had seen Joe's movies a few years ago and enjoyed them, so I rewatched them for motivation and decided this was what I needed to do. Our family celebrated Easter on Good Friday this year and I made a big meal, and that was the last one. Since then I have been doing the steps to transition in, including at least one fresh juice every day. Last night was the last time with real food, and even that was just fruit and my juices. Today is the first day of the all juice only 30 days for me. I am really dedicated to this to help (hopefully) heal me, because I am at my wits end!

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