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Ask the Nutritionist

Posted by Peter907 on 9 months ago

I'm 59 and have high blood pressure. My doctor said, if I lose 10% of my body weight, about 9kg, I will then have a healthy BMI and may be able to get off the blood pressure tablets. After my previous poor eating habits I've been on an 18:6 diet (18 hours fasting then 3 smoothies in 6 hours) of varied fruit/veg smoothies for 18 days. On a total of 700-800 calories per day and despite awful hunger pangs waking me at night, I stuck with it. Nothing unhealthy has touched my lips in 3 weeks. The last 3 days I did a Jason Vale 3 day juicing detox, with the juices spread throughout the day and the hunger has almost disappeared. I'm very pleased that I have lost over 7kg so far in just 3 weeks. Though my body generally feels like it is functioning better, I'm now feeling incredibly tired and want to lie down and sleep when I should be working during the day. I'm am drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Have I overdone it and how do you suggest I proceed to eat healthily, maintain some weight loss but avoid the immense tiredness and start feeling on top of things again?

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