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Thyroid, hashimotos

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Posted by sweet on 11 months ago

is it a good idea for a person with a sluggish thyroid and hashimotos to intake more calories in their juicing, not going over 1200 calories for a female, in order to not damage an already slow metabolism?

I am concerned that following a juice fast, the metabolism will be lowered with low calorie intake, and end up in great weight gain when a healthy whole foods diet is returned to, not going over 1200 calories in healthy whole food.

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  • Zootal

    11 months ago

    You can't "damage" your metabolism. When you reduce calories, your metabolism will drop, and I don't know if that can be avoided. When we finish the reboot, our metabolism returns to where it was before. If anything, the weight loss will cause and associated extra energy that goes with it might cause a slight increase in our metabolism, though I don't know if it would be a significant amount.

    My wife has thyroid and metabolism problems and takes levothyroxine. Her doctor told her to go ahead and do the reboot, that it wouldn't have any effect one way or another on her thyroid issues or her metabolism.

    You probably should talk to your doctor first just to be safe. He/she knows you and your medical history and would be able to tell you if you can safely reboot or not.

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