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The Plateau that Never Ends...

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Posted by Butterfly Beautiful on 2 years ago

Hoping one of the nutritionists can help me. I did a 30 day reboot that ended mid-August. I lost 20 lbs and gained 4 back within a few days. That has been my only weight gain which I'm very pleased about. However, it's been a month since then and I haven't lost any more weight or inches. I've been juicing 3 to 4x per day (usually Mean Green and carrot/apple/ginger) with a small veggie based supper. A few times I added some baked chicken. For years I've struggled with chronic fatigue and it seemed to get worse during the reboot and over the past month.

Last week I began adding a protein/spinach/blueberry smoothie for breakfast or an egg/spinach omelette for breakfast, (hoping for more energy) while continuing with juices until my plant-based supper. I have an intolerance to soy/gluten/legumes, so I'm eating mostly salads and plain veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, etc., and then my bits of animal protein.

I'm doing gentle exercising - walking the dog and riding a recumbent bike about 3x per week. Due to health issues (fibro and feet injuries) I can't do anything extreme.

I'm a diabetic although my sugars have been normal since the first week of my 30 day juice fast, but believe I still have insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome. I've always struggled with weight loss and have basically been the same (obese) weight for the past decade. Any diet I've done, the most I lost was 20 pounds and then...nothing. Eventually it crept back to the starting weight where I remain until the next "diet." Just always stuck at the same place. So far nothing is creeping back, but I'm getting discouraged and am starting to think this isn't the right path for me anymore. Any advice on how to get the weight loss going, again? I still need to lose another 74 pounds to get to a healthy BMI for my height and/or reduce my waist to under 35", whichever comes first.

Thanks for your time - looking forward to your reply. :)

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Replies To The Plateau that Never Ends...

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    2 years ago

    Dear Butterfly Beautiful,

    Keep at it, weight loss plateaus that are truly stuck can last up to 8 weeks. Normally this is where fatty liver infiltration starts to reverse and the metabolism will catch up again. This is particularly true because its your weight loss plateau number that you have battle for many years to get to. Just keep at it and you will get through this wall.

    Are you drinking enough water inbetween your juices?? I'm supecting maybe not. It is really important to keep things moving to make sure you having enough. 64-96oz of water on top of your juices.

    Here are some helpful tips to support this process and a huge congrats on what you have achived so far! That is something to be very proud of :)

    Please let me know if you have any questions and I would love to hear how you progress along on the plan.

    7 Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau | Reboot With Joe

    Breaking Through A Weight Loss Plateau | Reboot With Joe

  • Butterfly Beautiful

    2 years ago

    Thanks for the fast response, Claire, especially over a weekend - you're awesome! I appreciate your encouragement & the explanation about the liver infiltration. It helps to understand that my body has a reason for what it's doing. I'll keep trusting the process. I'm drinking lots of water - have a great water app that reminds me every hour - it has me at 13 cups. I also drink dandelion tea & a lemon detox tea which I count as part of those 13 cups since they're herbal. Also drinking some green tea for medicinal reasons. I stopped coconut water since I'm eating foods. Do you think I'm on track with the quantity of juices? Having 4 if I eat only supper and 3 if I eat breakfast and supper. Thanks, again! Have a blessed day! :)

  • LiveTo120

    4 months ago

    FYI if you're still listening, "Medical Medium" a new book says Chronic Fatigue is based on the EB virus (Epstein Barr) which is taken out of the system by detoxing from the chemicals and metals in the environment using a combination of cilantro/parsley and spirulina, which bond to the food source for the virus and take it out of the body. Depleting the food source aids the body in recovery as the EB virus diminishes. Everyone has EBvirus in their system and it hides and proliferates when its food source becomes available and when there is stress of body and mind. Great book. Highly recommend it for anyone with anything EB-related (and a LOT of things are EB related that people don't know about because science hasn't made the connection yet. Science is slow because it needs tons of proof. But with intuition you can be cured without waiting for doctors to catch up in another 30 years Best of luck Butterfly Beautiful!

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 months ago

    It sounds like you are consuming enough! How are you going now?

  • GreenHeals

    4 months ago


    I also suffer with Chronic Fatigue, I don't know if it's due to Fibromyalgia, I am being tested. One thing that I've been told many many times, is to drop sugar, obviously you cannot, due to the Diabetes, not that you consume a lot of it. You did mention you're on top of sugar levels.

    Emotional issue's also make my fatigue worse, in fact my body will give out on me if something really upsetting happens. In which I've begun to have muscle fatigue. Kind of a sticky situation for the moment. I've gotten to the point where I cannot handle any stressful environments, most things cause me stress.

    Lower sugar, higher fat. & quite possibly, if you're in an obese range, you may be plateauing due to not eating enough for your weight. That is what happened for me and many others I knew years ago, when dropping body fat. I would switch it up, and fool your body because it gets used to the foods, the type of exercise and how frequent - we work out.

    Juicing for lengths of time is difficult for those of us with CFS, and especially Fibro. I would say to slowly build it up if you haven't already for the next time.

    & as another pointed out, drinking a good deal of water in your day, will help to flush out your body too, just make sure your electrolytes are balanced.

    Just a thought.

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