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Taking your juice to work

Group Reboots

Posted by NancyM on 4 years ago

Does anyone have ideas about containers to use to take juice to work. I assume lots of you make your juice in the morning and take it to work with you. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks,

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  • BigSugar66

    4 years ago

    I mentioned this in the Canuck Rebooters page but I will post it here in case you miss it: I went to Target and picked up a small box of "mason" style jars. Each jar seals up nicely and is exactly 500ml (which is what you are supposed to be drinking a min. of 4 a day right?). I think the box was $7.96? Something like that. Pretty cheap. Just don't add too much foam as it tends to get squished out the sides when adding the canning lids. Hope that helps! P.S. Oh, and people will say "what's that?" as they are clear glass but I prefer the questions over plastic over sized containers that would oxidize the fruits etc.

  • NancyM

    4 years ago

    Thanks Big Sugar. I'll go and get some tomorrow at Target. Great idea.

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