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Group Reboots

Posted by Kristen on 3 years ago

I have to update that I went 35 days juicing was pain free, mentally way more stable and clear-headed, and sleeping through every night. Also, I wouldn't get sore. I went skiing two full days and never got sore. I would workout a workout that typically had me sore for a few days- no soreness. Juicing feels better than food. I lost 30lbs. Had what felt like unlimited energy. However I was freezing freezing cold the whole time and When coming off the fast I binged like I have never before in my life like a freak out eating that has barely subsided 3 months later and up 10 lbs. ????... I found juicing to be expensive but very easy in the routine and the lack of eating. Once I eat one thing it's like a light switched back on- I'm still vegan eating but.... I'm back to sore, not sleeping well, and starting to get severe pain in the liver/gall bladder again. I'm terrified of returning to where I was... Anyone else have this going on?!

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