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Struggling with slow weight loss

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Posted by ecollin479 on 4 years ago

So, I am on day 10 of my reboot and am feeling pretty discouraged! I lost 7 lbs the first couple days but I also ate a substantial amount the couple days prior to starting so I know that isn't really losing true weight. Since those first couple days, I have been very slowly losing weight small increments, .6lb,.4lb ect. and then today on day 10 zero weight loss or maybe even small gain (scale went back and forth). I know there are plateaus during this process but with being 50-70lbs overweight and only 10 days into this, I think should still be dropping weight pretty quickly. I drink 64oz of juice a day, 16oz coconut water, 120oz water, workout in addition to taking a 5-10 mile bike ride a night, and I have a small bowel movement once a day. I really don't understand why there is little to no weight loss with so much to lose left. I get when you lose more weight and get closer to your ideal wieght it will get harder to lose but I am 60 lbs from that. I just feel really discouraged, I feel like I could just eat healthy vegan meals and have the same results. I did the juicing thing to jump start my weight loss and enjoy the benefits of lots of fruits and vegetables but like I said, if my weight loss is going to be this slow, then I feel like I might as well just eat vegan instead of having terrible cravings fro food, pushing forward and seeing zero weight loss. Can anyone speak to have this much trouble losing weight early but then still losing a substantial amount my the end of a 60 day reboot? I would like to hear from the nutrionislt but also fellow rebooters that have had an experience like I am facing. Feeling low today :(

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  • WJS

    4 years ago

    Are you sticking to the only 20% fruit to 80% vegetable rule? If you are using a lot of fruit in your juice this could explain it perhaps. It apparently can cause insulin spikes that can even cause weight gain if you are drinking too much fruit juice.

  • ecollin479

    4 years ago

    I use 2lbs (About 5 apples) of apples spread out between all my juices for the day to sweeten them a little and that is ALL the fruit I use.

  • WJS

    4 years ago

    Hopefully the nutritionist or someone else with more knowledge will respond. The only things I can think of is perhaps try lowering your coconut water a little, I would also try lowering the amount of apples you use. Also if you use for example loads of carrots or sweet potatoes to lower those as well.

    I have also read that you shouldn't do strenuous exercise while rebooting but to of course be active and walk for example ie more gentle exercise. Apparently if you do strenuous exercise while on the fast it could actually cause you to lose less.

    As I said hopefully someone else will respond, In the meantime please let us know how you get on. Good luck

  • horseshoe

    4 years ago

    How many days are you planning to go? As far as apples, sweet pototoes, carrots, etc...I always thought that carbs were my enemy but I realized they weren't or I would never be able to maintian the way I am right now. Just make sure you get a lot of watery greens in those bottles too. (i.e. cucumbers, celery, romain lettuce,) They help create a bigger glass and keep you full too. I also drank a alot of coco water all the way through as a filler when I wasn't able to juice or had my cravings. Heck I still drink it.

    Add in lemon (the whole lemon) in your juices too if you don't already. They really make it taste so yum and it helps with water weight too. So do cucumbers too. Again, it sounds like you are doing really good ..your body hit a plato but I promise it will change. IT will, it will!!

  • ecollin479

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the advice, I am doing everything everyone has suggested, just have to be patient I guess. I was hope the nutrionist would hop on here, I wonder if they always get to everybody or usually comment.

  • AnneR

    4 years ago

    I was the same at the start, where I lost like 7lbs in the first 7 days, and since then, I have been losing very slowly. But I can find that in 2 days, I might stay the same weight, and then the third day I'll suddenly drop 2lbs. Other days I lose .4 or .7 lbs but it is very inconsistent. I have been very strict, and have managed to stay with the juices. I'm 17 days in out of 30, and have lost almost 16lbs, so it does come off, just at different rates, and on different days. Would love to hear the nutrionists feedback too though.

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 years ago

    Dear ecollin479

    Perhaps list the ingredients that you put into your juices! We suggest 20% fruit and 80% vegetable but in some cases people may need to reduce some carb rich vegetables such as carrots, beets, sweet potato and use more of the watery, leafy and string vegetables such as the leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, spinach, chard, endive, watercress, beans, cucumber, celeriac, celery, zucchinis, lemons, limes (fruit but zero sugar really). Make sure you are empty bowels well (feel a sense of empty).

    In saying all of this some people can start a reboot in a plateau then it will start to move after pushing through this stage. This is normally where visceral fat is being removed along with metabolic re-balancing. I can understand the frustration but just push through this and you will see the results comes.

    Here are more articles to read

    Let us know how you are going - give us an update!!

  • Silmiriel

    4 years ago

    Hi Claire,

    I'm in a similar situation and feeling very discouraged. I started at 261.5 pounds on 1 October and after an initial 6 pound weight loss, I hit a plateau last week, then dropped to 248.5 lbs. This week, my weight jumped up to 252 lbs, and only today has my weight dropped back down to 248. 20 days of juice fasting, and I'm down only 13 pounds. With being so overweight, I really expected to lose more in the first month. I'm feeling really frustrated. I'm following the plan for a 30-day reboot as outlined in Joe's "Reboot with Joe" book verbatim.

    I am drinking anywhere from 64-90 oz. of juice a day (following the menu plans in the book for each day of the reboot), plus 16 oz. of coconut water, 8 oz. of lemon water, 8 oz. of herbal tea, and at least an additional 80-96 oz. of filtered water. I add vegan protein powder (Vega natural) at lunchtime, and the recommended teaspoon of olive/coconut oil at dinner.

    I am drinking so much I can't imagine adding in another juice. I have been walking 30 minutes most days; that's as much as I can really exercise right now.

    I did check the links you mentioned in your above post, but am wondering if I have inadvertently put my body into starvation mode, because when I track my calories in My Fitness Pal, I am eating well under 1200 calories a day.

    Could you explain a little bit about visceral fat and why weight loss is sometimes stalled when that is an issue? Thanks.

    I would really appreciate your input as to what I can do to get things moving. I'm feeling if I don't see some consistent weight loss soon, I'm just going to eat vegetarian/vegan and give up the reboot.

    Thanks for your help,


  • ecollin479

    4 years ago

    I have followed all of the advice in the articles thus far, the only thing I haven't done is remove all beet and carrots because I want to try and keep a variety of color in juice. Here is my standard day:

    Juice 1: apple (or orange), beet, carrot

    Juice 2:apple, kale, cucumber, cabbage, celery, lemon

    Juice 3: pineapple, lemon, yellow bell (or jalepeno and cilantro)

    Juice 4: apple, kale, cucumber, cabbage, celery, lemon

    Before, my juice 3 was pretty much all carrot until someone suggested not using as much carrot. I know I replaced it with pineapple which is a fruit but it isn't as carbohydrate heavy I don't think, just trying to keep color variety but any suggestions on replacing juice 3 and juice 1 which has beet and carrot, I'll definitely do that, just couldn't think of any.

  • bacon76

    4 years ago

    sounds like your body is in starvation mode, and is holding on for dear life.

    try adding 2 more juices a day. and mix up your ingridients more. advocado, broccoli,tomatos, blueberries, banana, grapefruit, kiwi, ginger, etc

    all the best

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