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Struggling getting started on Reboot 2

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Posted by KennethR on 1 year ago

Last year I did a 60 day reboot and had no problems at all staying the course. From day 1 to day 60 all I had was juice. I lost 40 pounds and my doctor was doing cartwheels in the office when my blood labs came back. I did not follow through with a healthy eating and exercise plan afterwards though and now I need to do another reboot.

However I am having an incredibly difficult time getting through even 1 day then alone the 4 days or so it takes to get past the hunger pains, headaches, and fatigue.

Any suggestions, "did you try this, did you try that", et cetera would be welcome. I need to do another 30 days at the very least, would love to do 60. I already have my healthy eating plan in place for when I finish but I need to get there first.

BTW, I watch, re-watch, and watch again the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary trying to re-motivate myself. Hasn't worked so far

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  • DanielleFromHolland

    1 year ago

    Hi Kenneth, 1st of all i wanna congratulate you for doing the 60 days 1st time round! That in its self is a massive achievement and it means that you CAN do this! mind over matter! I finished my 1st reboot (5 days) about 6 weeks ago. I had lost about 10 lbs but found it really hard to stick to it with really long work days. I tried to stick to a plantbased lifestyle afterwards but with no succes.. i gained the 10 lbs back and have gained an additional 3 lbs! Im now on day 1 of my 2nd reboot and i can totally relate to it being harder this time around! Im now at the end of day 1 and have managed to stick to juicing but im dreading tomorrow.. i want to advise you to watch f.s.a.n.d part 2! and maybe forks over knives and what the health. these will also motivate you!

  • Synergy

    1 year ago

    Hi Kenneth and Danielle,

    I have had the same problem. I did my first juice fast years ago for 3 weeks. I lost weight and all my joint pain, my skin looked great and i had so much energy. I didn't want to stop but life got in the way. Since then ive done several more but have never made it past a week and none have been 100% juice only which i know is what i need to do.

    I think the first time we think it is the big fix, we're all excited and committed because this is it. The second (and tenth) time we know how easy it is to fall off the wagon just like every other "fix" we've tried in the past. And we know it takes effort (omg the washing, chopping, washing, bits of kale and carrot pulp everywhere..) I think that's what holds me back, but i so remember how great i felt, how full of energy and positive i was, how great it feels to have room in my clothes, then to be able to fit into those smaller clothes i forgot i had...

    So im still in the same boat as you both, but things i know help me are - reading these threads for starters!, being organized is a big one for me, i work 8 days on, 6 days off. I'm on call 24hrs for the 8 days on and can be out for hours with a few minutes notice so i need to have juices made at all times. Then i need to make sure i drink enough juice, and to start early. I can often get to the afternoon and have only had coffee all day. If i leave it too long between juices i start to get hungry and fancy anything but juice. But once im in the flow, juice is the only thing i want!

    Kenneth, 60 days is amazing! You must have had a really great routine going. Did you juice for the day in the morning or the night before? Or did you do each one as you went? Have you tried getting back into that routine this time around?

    Danielle i know what you mean about long work days. Do you take a heap of juice with you? Sometimes the last thing you want to do when you get home is the whole juicing production. I used to find i just had to make myself start and I'd feel great once it was done.

    I think I've inspired myself to get started now, i hope you both are getting into it and i look forward to hearing you're on to day 2 :) im off to imagine myself slim and energetic!


  • DanielleFromHolland

    1 year ago

    Hi Tarmara, i hope you have inspired yourself enought to actually start?! Yesterday i had a day with the family and ended up eating.. i felt so guilty afterwards and still do. So today is day 1 instead of day 3 and im gutted but im still really motivated and want to do at least a week of juicing alone! If at that stage, and i sooo hope that thats the case, im not continuously tired and hungry anymore i will stick it out for as long as i can! On days i am home i juice as i go but on days that i work i have my handbag full juice haha

  • Thomas

    1 year ago

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  • robertog9006

    1 year ago

    This is a great discussion guys. I’m glad I came across it. All I see here is winners, if we did it once we can definitely do it again!! I did a reboot last year that I planned to stay on for 7 days, the results were so amazing to me that I stayed on it for 21 days and lost more weight than I had expected. This literally changed my life and the way I thought about food. I started eating really healthy after that but kind of went off the rails little by little. I have been trying to get on a second reboot for a few weeks now, have given it up twice after day 2. I now made it to day 5 of the third attempt and there’s no stopping me now! You guys try to remember on the movie when Joe explains that famine is most difficult after the first 3 or 4 days, but if you push through the pain and make it passed that your body actually gains energy naturally. So let’s push though it and let’s make it happen!

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