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Strong migraine after first day of juicing

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Posted by Yiole on 11 months ago

I started a 3 days reboot on Aug 28. On first day, I started to develop a headache by noon, from 4 pm until I fell asleep I had one of the worst I ever had. My head was sore top and back, any movement made it worse. It happened to me before when doing other kind of fasting. I had some rice with broth at 830 pm to try to ease the pain. Today 29 Aug, morning of day 2 I have a very mild headache. I am planning to bring some rice to work in case headache start to be stronger.

I am not overweight and I am quiet a healthy eater. I practice yoga when I can.

1 is this normal or there is some latent medical conditions? is it a migraine triggered by the reboot?

2 how can I safely go through a 3 days and later 10 days fast?


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  • JohnC

    11 months ago

    I think the nutritionist is on vacation. Here is my 2 cents.

    If you watched the Joe Cross movie you see him in bed day 2. What he didn't show was just how sick he felt. He talks about it in an interview. Your body is in detox mode on day 2 and sometimes even day 3. I felt better on day 4 and I felt amazing on day 5. It is worth the pain. I made sure I was not working on reboot days 2 and 3. And I'm glad I did. I had bad headaches and would have eaten a piece of cardboard just to fill the hunger.

    Fight it and stick with it. You will see how good you feel by day 5. If I could do it. Anyone can. JC

  • JohnC

    11 months ago

    And take some advil if you can.

  • Soose

    11 months ago

    The nutritionist answers questions on Monday or Sunday, depending on where you are in the world.

    I also have seen her recommend aspirin.

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    11 months ago

    Hello Yiole,

    This is normal particularly if you regularly consume caffeine, and/or sugar and refined carbohydrates.

    Make sure you keep your water up, drink herbal tea and plenty of juice and sit it out, some people have asked me if they can take any pain killers, I recommend refraining unless you are very incomfortable and aren't coping too well!

    Day 4-5 is where it gets easier for majority of rebooters!

    Keep us posted on how you go!

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