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starting the diabetic reboot on the 26th Feb

Group Reboots

Posted by carmel251 on 5 months ago

Hi I would like to introduce myself, Carmel Schmidt and I live near Sydney on a small farm. We are city dwellers that have moved to the farm for our health. I am a diabetic and have auto immune desease with Rhumatoid arthritis so I want to help my condition by eating more natural food to fix my health issues. I tried the 10 day reboot before Christmas and without help of a coach. That was great and i felt great after the 10 days. So i have now signed up to the 60 day reboot, and funnily enough is starts on my birthday the 26th Feb. So what a great birthday present good health and hopefully not injections for insulan ever again. I have had all my blood tests and was surprised after the 10 day reboot I had brought my average sugar down to 7.5 which is the lowest in years. The doctor wants me to be under 6.5 so nearly there. My auto immune level was 11 and should be under 5 so the bloods are showing infection somewhere in my body, I know where my knees and legs.

so my goal is to do the 60 day reboot with Joe Cross and then have my bloods retested and then see how great it has been for me. So i need to put it out there to keep me motivated and show that i can achieve the full 60 days. Wish me luck i am going to do this and lose at least 10 kilos and have good health.

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  • David

    5 months ago

    Good Luck to you. I also have diabetes and on Day 3 of my reboot. I am hopeful that my reboot is going to help me with my diabetes. I am tired and anxious to get through a week when I will start feeling more energetic.

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