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Starting Juice/Salad Transition

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Posted by Soose on 1 year ago

Hello, Juicers. :)

An intro. And then perhaps ya'll could suggest a group to join?

I really believe in the power of juice to heal. I've got some ongoing health concerns. I've needed to detox for quite awhile. I'm carrying a lot of extra weight, too. ( 70-80lbs to goal.) Getting old here, not at an age where I can do this if I want to keep living with any quality of life.

I have finally settled on a juicing method that I really LIKE and that doesn't take too long for my lifestyle. Been thru several before that. I find pressing is peaceful and fits my routine better and I'm thrifty -- I like wringing out every tablespoon of juice, lol. So I'm using a blender & juice press; or old centrifugal & pressing (for carrots/beets alone). Unless I have to clean a lot of produce first, I can be thru and cleaned up in 20 minutes. All three machines are easy to just rinse; few moving parts. [ BTW, where can I sell a used Tribest Slowstar Juicer? ]

So what excuses do I have anymore? None. Just food addiction/cravings. Been "meaning to" start a juice fast, knowing I need to, for the last year at least.

Finally said out loud yesterday I would start. Starting with "modified."

Other than juicing, don't know how long I'll stay "modified" but at least until I get past some of the hard days.

Meanwhile, I'm also going to be eating my large ETL style salad once/day to help with the transition. ( For me, that is essentially a raw Vegan salad of shredded kale, cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots, sprouts, shredded broccoli, shredded brussels sprouts, some berries, and a raw Vegan fat-free dressing, possibly some avocado. ) Detox will be slower but I would not have made it thru yesterday without this.

Would appreciate someone helping me figure which group(s) to join. Thanks!

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  • Rand Newman

    10 months ago

    wow 5 months no response.well dab nab it, I’ll respond.I see your still on the forum and I’m curious to see how well you stayed with your juicing plans and of course I’m a huge fan of the vegan lifestyle. Best I truly ever felt was 3 years vegan , of course I was militant about it doing 90% raw veggies, legumes, dandelion roots. It’s funny how when you start something it takes you in so many new directions . Just like the story of most of our lives we zig and zag. My third start up company exploded and made it very difficult to stay on the regiment. So , how did you do?

  • Soose

    10 months ago

    Hi, Rand. Thanks for speaking up! :) [ It's hard for newbies to know where to post when they come in. I had forgotten this was my first intro and post and I'm sure no one actually saw it. But I found some great groups of rebooters! I stick around the Juicing Challenge for Beginners group, the Sunshine Clubbe... group, the Juicing and Feasting 2018 group, and the Happy Juicers group. I learn something every day.

    Some of us watch all recent activity to try to catch the newbies and point them towards an active group. That's how I saw you.

    Status. I kind of got stuck for longer than normal in the "transition" mode when I came in. But eventually I did make it to juice only. My family has participated, too. Everyone has lost some weight and seen other improvements. We're all doing better with exercise. Currently we happen to be all adding back the daily salads with our juice, and some of our Vegan soup. Not sure exactly when we'll go again to juice only but I'm very sure we will. So I'm here for the long haul. And committed to Vegan without doubt.

    I've been watching some of the rebooters who have been here either long term or all year and have just been in awe of how they transition in and out of juice only to eating healthy and back to juice only. Just amazing!

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