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Posted by wellsy6 on 1 year ago

My name is Bob. I am almost 69 years old and I way the same as Phil Staples in FSND, 429.6 lbs. I have many questions and I need help, serious help. 1. Am I to old to start? If I find juices I like can I stay with them daily or is variety better? Peoples tastes are different. 3. How much juice should be consumed per day? water? 4. My doctors are all for it especially my Cardiologist, Urologist, Family doctor, etc. Can I start cold turkey? 5. How long would you recommend? HELP!!!

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  • GigiFuzz

    1 year ago

    Dear Bob, talk to you doctor about it FIRST, to make sure there aren't any ingredients that will not work with any medications you're taking. Just precautionary, there are so many choices, shouldn't be a problem. If you're not sure, ask them to refer you to a nutritionist too.

    I have tried to start a reboot many times, and I am at it again. This time I made juices ahead of time and froze them, this way they are always handy. I started last week with one juice a day. this week I am up to two juices a day, and careful diet choices. One thing I did different this time - I bought Joe's recipe book, and I made one batch of juice in each color. they are delicious and makes things so much easier. Everything you need to know is on the website, including simple plans you can download.

    take the first step, one step at at time. Best of luck!


  • KennethR

    1 year ago

    I am 61 years old and just started by 2nd 60-day juice fast. Last year I did one from January 1 through March 2. When my blood labs came back my doctor was doing cartwheels in the office. And it's true what they say -- after the third day you are not craving food and after about 2 weeks you start feeling GREAT!!!. Well worth it -- GO FOR IT!!! To answer your other question, yes, you can stick with one juice if you really like it -- as long as it's not 100% fruit. On my first fast I did Mean Green 4 days a day, every day. This time I'm adding in some of the other recipes found in the Joe Cross recipe book. Either way, stick to the plan, you'll be glad you did

  • applevalleygirl

    1 year ago


    I am 65 and doing great on the reboot. Its day 5 for me and the energy really kicked in today. I want to back up a bit and say after the 1st day I felt good on day 2. On day 3 I no longer had those "sick" feelings I normally experience everyday, like feeling heavy, bloated, achy joints, etc. I could feel my blood pressure going down day by day and feeling more and more energized. Fortunately for me I am not on any meds or under a doctors care so I don't have to evaluate what will work with any medications. By the way, I used to take an advil almost daily just so I didn't hurt enough so I could get through my day. I no longer take any over the counter drugs or supplements and feel great.

    I say give it a try especially since your doctor seems to have given you the go ahead.

    Reading Joe's book "Reboot with Joe Juice Diet" helped me with preparing for the reboot. It also has the different reboots, shopping lists, daily meals list, recipes, etc. Plus lots of helpful information.

    I decided to do a combo juice & eating reboot. I find I need extra protein and carbs in my diet and decided along with the juices I will have whole grains, nuts, seeds, and yes low fat dairy. Right now I limit my dairy and will later incorporate lean meats like turkey, chicken and fish in to my diet. But I want to add those after I finish my reboot.

    The reboot is helping me lose my appetite for sweet, sugary snacks and salty snacks. I have had a couple of hungry days but I think a lot of that had to do with just starting out. Today I am on day 5 and feeling good and surprisingly light. I have lost 9 lbs in less than a week and feel great. My success so far has been very encouraging as I am sure it will be for you.

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