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Starting again, seeking cheerleaders

Real Change

Posted by Thinker on 1 year ago

I have enjoyed my reboots in the past 18 months, but I have never been able to go for more than 3-5 days, and I always fall off the wagon on the weekends. I have stopped putting on weight and have maintained my weight at 20 lbs under my high for the past year--but now I want to lose the weight. I am 100+ pounds overweight. I want to do a 60 day fast--that is longer than I have ever done. I need some help. I need followers and cheerleaders to help me get through this. I am an emotional eater. I love eating. It's my #1 activity. No matter how my day is going, eating brings me joy. The worse the food is, the better I feel--it gives me a huge high (for 5 minutes). If I can go 5 days, I can go 50. Please cheer me on and I promise I will provide regular updates.

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